DC frightens children with weird “Sofubi” toys

One of my favorite parts of walking the floor at San Diego Comic Con is checking out the multitude of toys, toys, action figures, and toys.  From the unexpected, like last year’s preview of the Daft Punk action figures, to the absolutely, over-the-top, “how did they think of that” awesome like the Evel Knievel / Boba Fett “EvelFett” mashup – comic toys are better than ever.

Still awesome…

DC Comics, however, has teamed up with Medicom to release the second in a wave of toys designed to frighten children and casual comic fans everywhere. What do you get when you cross:
Casual Fan Favorite “Bizarro”,

and the Insanity Inducing “Sofubi”?

He’s powered by nuclear waste and fears of abandonment.

You get this great, whopping dose of nightmare fuel:
Sporting a massive FIVE points of articulation, this guy will wobble precariously on your display shelf before clattering to the floor every time your cat breathes in its general direction. That’s because it’s almost 10 inches tall.

And if you want to be sure your kids absolutely cannot sleep at night, get the Sofubi Swamp thing to join Bizarro in your collection.

If only it came packaged with Sofubi Adrienne Barbeau…

Maybe it’s just the winter doldrums. If I was walking around SDCC, I’d pass these by without a second glance. Here in the cold midwest with only my bookmarked comic blogs and twitter feed to keep me company, they really stand out as a prime example of odd.

For those of you who disagree, here’s the whole DC/Sofubi lineup so far:

Joker’s got his pants hiked up to “grandpa”.
Kids want Superman to save them from Sofubi Superman.

So Casual Comics fans… verdict? Am I just too lame to get it, or are these genuinely stand-out weird?


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