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Weird Toys of the Week – Marvel Labbits (Wave 2)

While it’s true that I’ve been a casual comic guy for a long while, I’ve never stopped paying attention to comic and geek culture. Still, it hasn’t crossed my mind how many wacky, strange, and just plain weird comic toys that are being pumped out. Enough that it seems worth a look each week at the weirdest comic toys I’m stumbling upon.

You might recall some of my previous posts on WTF toys like DC’s Sofubi toys. This week, I’m fascinated by the odd Marvel “Labbits” line by kidrobot. I have no idea where the word Labbit originated, and I’ve also discovered that they have Labbits with other licensed lines – like DC comics. I don’t know who is buying these things, though… Ever wonder what Ghost Rider’s Skull would look like if he were a rabbit? Me neither.

Marvel Labbits by kidrobot

Maybe I’m missing the point. Are these supposed to be ironic?

Maybe they’re a modern day critique about the state of modern comic books. Read the rest of this entry

DC frightens children with weird “Sofubi” toys

One of my favorite parts of walking the floor at San Diego Comic Con is checking out the multitude of toys, toys, action figures, and toys.  From the unexpected, like last year’s preview of the Daft Punk action figures, to the absolutely, over-the-top, “how did they think of that” awesome like the Evel Knievel / Boba Fett “EvelFett” mashup – comic toys are better than ever.

Still awesome…

DC Comics, however, has teamed up with Medicom to release the second in a wave of toys designed to frighten children and casual comic fans everywhere. What do you get when you cross:
Casual Fan Favorite “Bizarro”, Read the rest of this entry