Some people love comics. Some people live comics.

I wish I had time for that.

Me? I’m just a Casual Comics Guy. These are my observations and questions every time I walk into a comics shop.

This is my comic book blog. It’s not the biggest. It might be the “hottest”, though. And this is my story.

– Joe

3 responses to “About”

  1. Christina Vrba Avatar

    Been trying to leave a reply to your reply – but haven’t been able to!

    You wrote:

    Heck yes! Of course, it depends on the ten year old girl – they are as widely varied as any reader, so I’ll limit my recommendations to what would be generally acceptable – nothing 12+ on Comixology.

    – the WARRIORS manga series
    – FAMILY PETS (a girl wakes up one morning to discover that her pet snake has been turned into a guy, and her family has been turned into animals…)
    – RAPUNZEL’S REVENGE and CALAMITY JACK (Steampunk meets fairy tale meets Wild West in this two-volume retelling)
    – the AMELIA RULES series (completely believable to any tween girl)
    – ZITA THE SPACEGIRL (series)
    – KORGI (wordless series – absolutely awesome art)
    – Skottie Young’s OZ series

    There’s lots more, but these are the “safest” for I’d recommend for kids I don’t know personally. 🙂

  2. ahamin Avatar

    Hello Joe,

    I hope my message finds you well. My name is Ahmed and I am the creator of a comic book that features a superhero with Autism. The story is inspired by my nephew, who is an awesome autistic kid, and by Mesopotamian myths. The comic is meant to help raise awareness about Autism through an engaging story, and there will also be information about Autism Charity organizations from around the world for people to reach out to. I am writing to you in hopes that you might be interested in giving my comic a shout out and support my upcoming campaign, which will start on the 15th of May and it will run for 30 days.
    Here is the pre-launch page on Indiegogo where you can learn more. There is a video teaser followed by an explanation for the comic to help you understand more about my project. I hope you will find it interesting.


    Thank you very much. I’ll be looking forward to your reply.

    Kindest regards,


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