Some people love comics. Some people live comics.

I wish I had time for that.

Me? I’m just a Casual Comics Guy. These are my observations and questions every time I walk into a comics shop.

This is my comic book blog. It’s not the biggest. It might be the “hottest”, though. And this is my story.

– Joe

  1. Been trying to leave a reply to your reply – but haven’t been able to!

    You wrote:

    Heck yes! Of course, it depends on the ten year old girl – they are as widely varied as any reader, so I’ll limit my recommendations to what would be generally acceptable – nothing 12+ on Comixology.

    – the WARRIORS manga series
    – FAMILY PETS (a girl wakes up one morning to discover that her pet snake has been turned into a guy, and her family has been turned into animals…)
    – RAPUNZEL’S REVENGE and CALAMITY JACK (Steampunk meets fairy tale meets Wild West in this two-volume retelling)
    – the AMELIA RULES series (completely believable to any tween girl)
    – ZITA THE SPACEGIRL (series)
    – KORGI (wordless series – absolutely awesome art)
    – Skottie Young’s OZ series

    There’s lots more, but these are the “safest” for I’d recommend for kids I don’t know personally. 🙂

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