Hottest Comic Book Guys (and me)

Who are the hottest guys in all of comic-dom? Google has spoken.

I noticed today that someone hit my site by searching for the term “hottest comic book guys”. Curious, I headed on over to Google-ville and, sure enough, my site is the third result for that search term. Love it.

Click the link when you get there to see the page Google is referencing. It’s like being in the Matrix. Recursive logic.

Also, I love the fact that just the other day when I was posting Marvel casting news, I came across this picture of Aaron Taylor-Johnson (slated to play Quicksilver in Avengers: Age of Ultron)

I guess he’s “kinda” hot…

And, as of now, he’s not even on the first page of “hottest” comic book guys. So, I think I know who’s going to play me in the upcoming movie adaptation of “Casual Comics Guy”.


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