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DC frightens children with weird “Sofubi” toys

One of my favorite parts of walking the floor at San Diego Comic Con is checking out the multitude of toys, toys, action figures, and toys.  From the unexpected, like last year’s preview of the Daft Punk action figures, to the absolutely, over-the-top, “how did they think of that” awesome like the Evel Knievel / Boba Fett “EvelFett” mashup – comic toys are better than ever.

Still awesome…

DC Comics, however, has teamed up with Medicom to release the second in a wave of toys designed to frighten children and casual comic fans everywhere. What do you get when you cross:
Casual Fan Favorite “Bizarro”, Read the rest of this entry

Casual Comic Book Gift Giving Guide – Hot Gifts for Comic Book Fans this Christmas (Part 3)

“The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, with the hopes that Saint Nicholas soon would be there.” (Filling them with the best cool comic book related gifts)

Ahh… is there any holiday gift tradition more fun than the stockings? Finding stuff small (and inexpensive) enough to fill a stocking can be quite the chore. But, as someone who would rather get a half dozen small and fun gifts than a single large present, I spend a lot of time on finding the perfect stocking stuffers.

I took an afternoon and my smartphone to troll the aisles of Krypton Comics in Omaha, NE in search of great treats for all the good girls and boys on my list.

While the last two lists (Part 1 and Part 2) have been comprised of the items I found at Dragon’s Lair, the Lair really is Comics and Games, to me. Krypton Comics has a huge selection of the kinds of small (and large) toys that last minute shoppers will love when seeking to fill those stockings. Here’s the best stuff that I found: Read the rest of this entry