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Casual Doctor Giveaway!

I am excited beyond words for this!

The piece of art that melted my heart at Comic Con this year was Sara Richard’s Tenth Doctor print. I’ve talked with Sara, and we’ve arranged a giveaway for Doctor Who fans worldwide (although, in the U.S. I will pay less shipping).

This contest combines my two latest passions – Doctor Who and the art of Sara Richard.

If you are a fan of the Tenth Doctor (and what rational person isn’t), you can choose the print Sara made, inspired by “Idiot’s Lantern”. The Doctor and Rose with a motor scooter? **swoon**

facebook_idiots lantern
I don’t even want to make a funny comment. My little heart is melting…

If you are not a fan of the Tenth Doctor (I’m looking at you, Greg…) Then, you at least must want a print of the TARDIS.

This is so beauteous, it takes my breath away.

facebook_The Doctors cloud final243

If the TARDIS in the clouds doesn’t get you, how about that double helix staircase?

I wish I’d had enough cash to buy both of these prints at Comic Con. But, alas, I did not. I only purchased this one.

However, you can have one of these prints at no cost to you, if you follow a few simple instructions.

1. Be a follower of this blog (I don’t care if you read every post, although I hope you do. Just please register to follow.)

2. Reply in the comments to this post with the following information. Who is your favorite Doctor and why? (You can post a few words or a whole dissertation. Either way, I love it! (If you say anyone other than 9 or 10, I will argue with you, though)

3. Be somewhat lucky, because I’m going to pick one winner at random.

So let’s argue about who the best Doctor is. And, then, let’s hug it out and agree that the universe is an amazing place.

The contest will close at noon, Central Time, on Friday. Please reply soon…


Also, while you’re here, you may want to check out the Doctor Who cosplay from Comic Con or my friend Greg’s thoughts on the Doctor Who TV movie.

15 responses to “Casual Doctor Giveaway!”

  1. Amy M Sullivan (@OpinionatedAmy) Avatar

    If I am not mistaken the Tardis in the clouds and the double helix ladder are from your Doctor Who future. You haven’t met #11 yet, right?
    My fav has to be #10. Why? Do you need more than “I’d watch David Tennant read the phone book for four hours straight?” How about the fact that I’ve been casually saying “allons-y” since high school French class?

    If I speak on behalf of Rebecca, she votes #11. Hands down. She also dressed like him for the Day of Wrong at the Maryland Renaissance Faire, complete with psychic paper.

    So there are two responses in one! And the artwork is gorgeous!

    -Amy Sullivan

    1. Joe Benkis Avatar

      You are right. I have not yet seen the Eleventh Doctor. I’m watching Season 2 very slowly because I don’t want the Tenth Doctor to ever leave.

      Thanks, Amy.

  2. nmr2131 Avatar

    11th doctor. It would have been the 10th, but then I saw the first episode with the 11th doctor and I knew things were going to be okay. The 11th doctor is cool.

  3. sandyrocks95 Avatar

    I love both the Tenth and the Eleventh doctor. There is no arguing that David Tennant and Matt Smith are wonderful actors and have honorably continued the role of the doctor. However, I must say I have a preference to the Eleventh doctor because he was my first doctor and because I have seen more of his episodes. I really enjoy his more “witty” lines (i cant think of a good word that describes them properly) and his almost childish yet clever personality. I love that he translates for horses and for babies. I love that he eats fish fingers and custard ( i ate that for dinner last night for and found it rather enjoyable though my mom officially thinks I’m a weirdo). I love that he says Geronimo. I love that he wares bow ties and a Fez. I also love his companions more than the tenth doctors. I feel the Ponds and River Song truly mixed well with the doctors character and made him even stronger.

    With that said I can also relate to your love of the Tenth doctor. I have seen a good portion of his episodes, enough to know that he is also a brilliant doctor, and when i get to the end of season four I know i will truly be sad to see him go.

    I am very eager to see my two favorite doctors in the 50th anniversary and (though i am dreading it) cant wait to see who Twelve is going to be.

  4. sdpete53 Avatar

    Love Sara’s artwork…extreme coolness for any Who fan!!! On her website she did a Hulk in bunny slippers that was a crackup. Good Spidey as well.

    Favorite Doctor (and I’m dating myself) is the 4th Doctor Tom Baker. If it wasn’t for those late night cable reruns of Who I wouldn’t be the proud sci-fi/ comic geek I am today.

    Second Favorite Doctor is the 10th Doctor David Tennant, but the fondness and attraction of Who is the different actors portraying the character in their own ways. I watch and enjoy them all!!!


  5. Emily Drouin Avatar

    My favorite Dr Who is the 4th Dr Who, Tom Baker, famous for the multi-colored, long scarf. 🙂

  6. masterkasterborous Avatar

    I change my mind every time I think about it or watch a story. The first Doctor is something very special and magical and I have seen almost all of his existing episodes. However I think, truly, for me it will always be 9. When Doctor Who returned to our screens I cannot tell you how excited my parents were and it rubbed off but I wasn’t allowed to watch the first one. I made sure I was allowed to stay up and he became a bit of a hero for me. He also benefits from the fact I don’t think there are any bad episodes in season 27. Anywho, that’s my view…

  7. 1adorkablegrrrl Avatar

    The Tenth Doctor…hands down. why? because david tennant…that’s all the reason needed.

    1. Casual Comics Guy Avatar

      No explanation needed for the Tenth Doctor.

  8. A Million Ways Out Avatar

    Hands down, the Tenth Doctor for this girl! What can I say? A pinstripe suit and Chuck Taylor’s are just so much cooler than a Fez and Bowtie.

    1. Casual Comics Guy Avatar

      Casual Comics Guy approves of this comment. 🙂

  9. frabjuousday Avatar

    I love the 10th Doctor the most, because he embodies the wisdom that you’d expect from a Time Lord as well as being quirky. He’s the perfect blend of old & youthful, human & alien, solemn & mischievous…

    1. frabjuousday Avatar

      Hmmm the timestamp is off for me. FYI – posted at 11am eastern

      1. Casual Comics Guy Avatar

        No problem. My clock is off somehow and I’m not sure how to fix it. I haven’t mastered the powers of time and space yet.

  10. Casual Doctor Giveaway – Winner! | Casual Comics Guy Avatar

    […] to all who checked out the Casual Doctor page. I hope that, for those multitudes who did not enter, you at least enjoyed Sara’s wonderful […]

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