SDCC Sara RichardThere are many talented artists at San Diego Comic Con each year. Earlier this week, I posted the fantastic Run Lola Run art I purchased from Tess Fowler.

I asked Tess if she knew anyone who had interesting Doctor Who art for sale, and she recommended Sara Richard as an artist with an interesting, colorful Doctor Who print. Boy, was she ever right.

I fell in love with her print of The Tenth Doctor and Rose. I think it perfectly captures exactly what I love about the series. Fun, whimsical, and oh, so, happy. It’s a perfect slice of simple companionship and happiness amid the chaotic beauty of the universe.

Looking through Sara’s portfolio, I thought I’d ask if she could do a commission. I have loved the movie “Amelie” since the day I saw it at the Dundee theater. I think it’s the only movie I’ve ever seen where there was actually a standing ovation at the end. I thought Sara’s style was perfectly suited to capture the joy and wonder of “Amelie”. Happily, she accepted the job and I could not be happier to add this piece to my collection of original art.

I speechless. Love. It.

Thank you so much Sara for everything. It’s impossible for me to look at these and be blue.

Check out Sara’s artwork online at . Click around to find her portfolio and store. And buy something there. You’ll be glad you did. The scans of these pieces can’t come close to matching the beauty and color of the originals.


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