Casual Doctor Giveaway – Winner!

Thanks to all who checked out the Casual Doctor page. I hope that, for those multitudes who did not enter, you at least enjoyed Sara’s wonderful artwork. Those pieces are either “Fan-TA-stic” or “Gorgeous”, depending on which Doctor you prefer.

Based on the votes, I'd say it was this guy right here.
Based on the votes, I’d say it was this guy right here.

Down to brass tacks. I had nine complete entries. How to randomly choose a winner?

Thanks to D&D, I have a whole set of random number generators.

Still got the price tag on the case. $3.25. Thanks Dragon’s Lair!

Sadly, I have not found a 9-sided die anywhere. But, I do have a 10-sider.

So, here’s what I’m going to do. I’m taking the entries in chronological order (as I can see them on my feed). Each is assigned a number based on the order they posted.

What about the 10th spot, you might ask? You’ll see in the list.

1-      Amy

2-      nmr(somethingorother)

3-      Sandyrocks

4-      Sdpete

5-      Emily

6-      Masterkaster

7-      Adorkaoble

8-      A million ways out

9-      Frab(blahblahblah)

10-   I roll again and award two prizes. As long as I keep rolling 10’s, I’ll keep giving away more prints. (BTW – for non-D&D people, the “10” is actually the “0” on the die face)

Why would I keep rolling on the 10? Because the 10th Doctor is magic…

I am so nervous right now…

You might not believe this, but I’m typing this before I roll that 10-sider. Just like you have no idea what’s coming… neither do I.

This is soooooooo exciting.

I’ve got the camera out to capture the die roll and everything.

Are you ready?

(By the way, real men roll with the backspin)

Spoiler room for those who want to watch the video













Congratulations 8, er, I mean A Million Ways. I’ll get in touch with you via e-mail to coordinate delivery.

Thanks so much everyone. You guys are Fan-TA-Stic!

–          CCG

One response to “Casual Doctor Giveaway – Winner!”

  1. masterkasterborous Avatar

    Congratulations A Million Ways! Really gutted I didn’t win but there will be other competitions

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