Miraclemen Silver Age #4 – Marvel Comics

By: Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham

Neil Gaiman’s continuation of the decades-old Miraclemanseries has been nothing short of dynamite, so far. Back in the 80s, Alan Moore reinvigorated this hero and his series. Neil Gaiman shepherded him into the 90s. And, from there, we thought the story was at an end. Where was there to go from the monumental conclusion to that series? 

Decades later, Gaiman has picked back up the threads and created an amazing story that springs directly from the themes of the earlier series, but is so relevant to modern readers that it’s a revelation.

Mad balls vs Garbage Pail Kids Slime Again #1 – Dynamite Entertainment

By: Sholly Fisch, Jason Crosby, Joe Simko

And, speaking of 90s properties being re-invented – here’s a “gross-over” from two to the decade’s most and least fondly remembered properties: Madballs and Garbage Pail Kids. Weirdly, these two novelty acts seem to have a complex continuity. Just check out a portion of the solicit for this book:

“Your freaky favorites, the Madballs and Garbage Pail Kids, are at it again. But this time, the chaos can’t be confined to a single neighborhood as we trace the entire history of Madballs-GPK feud – bursting (and oozing) out across the ages! In this issue: At the dawn of time, the Earth is ruled by furry, apelike beasts – oh, wait, that’s just Kim Kong! From their neighboring caves, the Cro-Madballs and Neanderthal Pail Kids constantly try to one-up each other!”

What the what? But, color me interested in this one.

Storm and the Brotherhood of Mutants #1 – Marvel Comics

Storm has always been one of the most interesting X-men. Her rivalry with Cyclops for the leader position of the group was a touchstone of the series in the 90s, and her defeat of Scott Summers (even while de-powered) proved how much OroroMunroe was capable of achieving. 

The title itself just grabs the casual comics fan. Isn’t it the “Brotherhood of EVIL Mutants”? What’s changed and how will Storm lead this new team in the X-verse? The solicit makes this sound like an “alternate future” title, which is normally irritating:

“Ten years from now, Mars has been destroyed – and now Stormwants revenge! To get it, the New Brotherhood will battle their way through Hell to seek the greatest secret of the Sinister Age…”

However, I just can’t quit Storm, and this series seems amazing. It’s at least checking out the first issue to see where this story is headed.

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