Black Tape #1 (of 4) – AWA

Writer: Dan Panosian; Art: Dalibor Talajic

AWA has been a hit-or-miss publisher for me. Their concepts are always top-notch as publisher Axl Alonso has a keen eye for “made for TV” or “made for a movie” pitch. Almost any one of their series could be easily adapted into an entertaining film (well, except for my favorite title of theirs “Not All Robots). The execution doesn’t always deliver on the high ideas promised, but at least they’re always
aiming high.

So, here we are again with another pitch – and doggone it if I’m not at least in for the first issue. In Black Tape, the circumstances around the death of heavy metal mastermind Jack King have always been mysterious. And now, his widow is caught up in the dark forces of evil who are looking for the lost tapes of Jack’s infamous unreleased album – a record that just may contain the key to opening the doors to

Since AWA is all about self-contained stories, I treat these books like I do movies – check out the beginning and walk out if it’s no good. Which means, I’m definitely picking up this book and we’ll see whether I stick around for issue #2.

Flash One-Minute War Special #1 – DC Comics

Writer: Jeremy Adams; Art: Serg Acuña and “Various”

I’ve been waiting for this one for a good long time. It looks like this week is all about the concepts because the moment I heard the idea for “Flash: One Minute War”, I’ve been stalking the comic shops waiting for it’s release.

Imagine a war between an alien speedster race and only the fastest heroes on Earth can stop them. Yes, it’s a war of worlds that starts and ends in 60 seconds or less. I’m all in!

Glopple #2 (of 3) – Legend Comics Publishing

Writer: Matt Cole; Art: Jose Chirinos

Here’s the solicitation for “The Glopple”:
The newly independent Glopple has planted his roots in Dallas and become a local hero. Everything is going great as he cements himself as a local hero, until a new danger emerges in the form of Gary, a local businessman. After an experiment goes awry, Gary is left with new powers and is ready to challenge The Glopple in this exciting new issue!

I don’t know anything about the Glopple except what he looks like on the cover. And I know even less about Gary. So – The Glopple vs. “Gary”? I need more…

Scarlet Witch #2 – Marvel Comics

Writer: Steve Orlando, Stephanie Renee Williams; Art: Sara Pichelli, Christopher Allen

Easily the best Marvel comic I have read in years was Scarlet Witch #1 from Steve Orlando – so this is a series I’m already invested in. And I recommend you get on board as well.

This is a character I fell in love with in the 80s in the Vision and Scarlet Witch mini-series (both of them). Since then, Marvel has gotten so much wrong with the character of the Scarlet Witch in the comics.
She’s a character that they have never seemed to know what to do with. But, finally they’re onto something. Issue #1 was a small scale character drama with Wanda opening a boutique magic shop in NY with an enchanted door that brings people in who are in crisis and have no place else to turn. At the end of issue #1, the character that comes into her shop is just so perfect that I can’t wait to see where this story goes.

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