Devil’s Reign – The Marvel Event Series

The great thing about getting a subscription to Marvel Unlimited is that it lets us keep up on the overarching events shaping the state of the Marvel universe without shelling out too much coin.

Chip Zdarsky was on quite the roll with Daredevil last year, so it’s not shocking to see him make the ongoing battle between Daredevil and Kingpin and ratchet up the stakes to shake up the Marvel universe. The event just wrapped up in the summer of 2022, and the reverberation of that series are still being felt.

Join us as we read and discuss “Devil’s Reign” on the Casual Comics Cast. Starting, oh I don’t know… right now.

Spotify is getting cranky, so here’s a link to the podcast on that platform, followed by the only podcast embed I could get working tonight. But, as always, the cast should be on all major platforms – so listen wherever you are most comfortable!

Episode 263: The Thanksgiving Show! Starring Deadpool, Franklin Richards, and the JSA Casual Comics Cast

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!Join us for a review of three very different takes on the Thanksgiving holiday from comics. We're reading and discussing: Franklin Richards: Happy Franksgiving (Marvel) Deadpool #37: "Guess Who's Bumming at Dinner" (Marvel) JSA #54: "Virtue, Vice, and Pumpkin Pie" (DC) Plus, we each pick 5 comics heroes we would definitely want at our Thanksgiving dinner this year!
  1. Episode 263: The Thanksgiving Show! Starring Deadpool, Franklin Richards, and the JSA
  2. Episode 262: Army of Darkness Movie / Comics Crossover Special
  3. Episode 261: The Marvel Halloween Special – Ghost Rider, Midnight Sons, Black Panther – and more
  4. Episode 260: Devil's Reign – A Marvel Event
  5. Episode 259: Comics to Film – Worst Adaptations + Rifftrax Live: Return of the Swamp Thing

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