Flying solo again for the best comic picks of the week. What follows are the most awesome comics being released this week according to me, the Casual Comics Guy, a guy who only reads about three comics per week. But, I do read ABOUT comics a lot and I used to read comics constantly, so I’m still better informed than 85% of bloggers on the webs who are just trying to maximize traffic through cheap keyword tricks.

By the way, if anyone can teach me those tricks, let me know. I’m too busy obsessing about all the comics I don’t have time to read.

I Don’t Get It: Hardcover

“I Don’t Get It” by Shannon Wheeler. Published by BOOM Studios.

It’s not the traditional “comic book”, but it caught my eye this week. First, it caught my attention because, many times, I truly don’t get it. Then, the New Yorker angle made me laugh because I’m old enough to remember Seinfeld. Lastly, it took me a while to dig up any more information on the book, so I thought, “Hey, even I can make a difference by spotlighting this instead of a third Avenger’s title.

This looks really funny, and I’m looking forward to tracking down a copy. I don’t want to be gross, but it looks like good bathroom reading.

Her name is “Anne”

Mind MGMT #18

Mind MGMT #18 by Matt Kindt. Published by Dark Horse

If you’re not neck-deep in Mind MGMT, this solicit won’t mean anything to you:

“Once one of Mind Management’s youngest and most unusual agents, Ella the Animal Kid had a crisis of conscience and disappeared for years. Now Meru’s found her, but is it to interview Ella for her book or to make her take a side? And either way, can she escape the jungle alive?

I just read the first trade and am scrambling madly to catch up, so the solicit means nothing to me, either. But it does illustrate the imaginative insanity you can expect from this title. You should catch up ASAP. And if you’re caught up, you’re definitely grabbing this one.

Batman ’66 #7

Batman ’66 #7 by: Jeff Parker, Christopher Jones, Michael Allred. DC Comics

Holy nose nuggets, Batman. Just look at this cover!

I covered why Batman ’66 is a great comic for casual fans in a previous column. If you’re looking for fun and adventure without a ton of continuity, check out this title.

Harley Quinn #2

Harley Quinn #2 by: Amanda Conner, Chad Hardin. DC Comics

Two DC titles in one week? I’m losing my ever-loving, casual comics mind.

I never liked the character of Harley Quinn. I was of the age to watch Batman: The Animated Series in its first run on TV. I used to race home and tape the episodes on a real-life VHS recorder like real card-carrying comic nerds had to do before Netflix and DVRs and stuff. And, yes, we did carry nerd cards. And not the Magic: the Gathering kind of cards, either. I don’t get that game at all! (And this rant is getting out of control).

I just bought Harley Quinn #0 and #1 on Monday, and I’m in love with love all over again. Which is saying something. When I watched the TV series, she just never clicked for me. With the Batman “Arkham” video games, I “got it” a little more, but it wasn’t until this series – the first time I’ve ever seen her fully out of the Joker’s shadow – that I’m enjoying the character.

A fun title, so far, and I’m looking forward to #2.

Hawkeye #16

Hawkeye #16 by Matt Fraction, Annie Wu, David Aja. Marvel Comics.

Sakes, alive! I love me some Hawkeye. This is the only “must have” comic for me – as in “I must have it as soon as I possibly can given my tight schedule as a father of triplets…” I will be rushing out to get this at the intense, yet reasonable pace only a father of three 9-year old girls can muster.

Judge Dredd: Mega City Two #1 (of 5)

Judge Dredd: Mega City Two #1 (of 5) by: Douglas Wolk, Ulises Farinas. IDW Publishing

Listen, I was a senior in high school in 1989. You had me at “Mega City Two”….

Based on the pure awesome of Judge Dredd and his trek across the Cursed Earth, I’m making this title the official Casual Comic Guy Hot Pick of the Week.

Also, for those of you who made it this far, I’m thinking about a weekly Casual Comics “Not” Pick of the Week. So here you are for this week:

The Walking Dead #120

The Walking Dead #120 by: Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard. Image Comics.

Come on now… Hasn’t this title lumbered and staggered for long enough. Can someone please put a bullet in its brain? I haven’t read an issue since it became really repetitive – about four years ago. Yet, here’s the sum total of this week’s solicit:

“‘ALL OUT WAR,’ PART 6 This war has taken a toll.”

And look at the cover…

“Grrrr… I’m Rick, I’m a badass. Don’t mess with my group!”

“Grrrr… I’m another generic bad guy in charge of another faction. I’ll kick your butt and take all your stuffs!”

“Hey! I’m Michonne! I got a swords back here!”

Can someone please make it all stop already?

So The Walking Dead #120 is my NOT Comic of the Week. Stay away like it’s an infected walker, people.

And with that, I’m out. Hope that wasn’t too much of a downer at the end. Maybe those should be a separate post, but now I’m sleepy…

Don’t forget to support your local comic shop.



4 responses to “Casual Comics Picks – Hot Comics of the Week (January 22, 2014)”

  1. sdpete53 Avatar

    Wow Joe, never had you pegged as a WD hater 🙂

  2. Casual Comics Guy Avatar

    I really liked Walking Dead through about the first six trade paperbacks. Then I kind of liked it through the next four. Then I tolerated it through the next two… It’s just time to be over. It’s like being on a treadmill – a lot of effort and it’s not going anywhere.

  3. Christina Vrba Avatar

    Just saying – it’s nice to find another casual comics fan. Comic Book Mama here – like you, I read maybe 3 titles a week, and on a parent’s budget, they’d better give me maximum bang for the buck. Nice to find another member of our tiny community… working on getting my long-neglected blog going as a go-to site for parents who want to share their love of comics with their under-12 kiddos. So, father of triplets, any suggestions on YOUR must-share list? (Personally, I am thrilled that there will soon be more Tiny Titans. God, I missed that comic!)

    1. Casual Comics Guy Avatar

      Glad you enjoyed it. It’s always good to catch up with other casual fans. Sometimes, I feel like I’m lost… there are way too many comics to read them all, and my mind boggles when I see what’s happened to characters that I fondly recall from years ago.

      Let me know when your blog is up and running, and I’ll link to it here. I’d love to check it out.

      I’ll ask my kids what they really like now – maybe let one of them have a chance to post. I have three girls, so My Little Pony is pretty popular now. But, I’d also recommend Atomic Robo – it’s a great action/adventure title that they’ve really latched onto.

      Anything you could recommend for 10-year old girls?

      – CCG

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