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Casual Comics Cast 220 – Birds of Prey (and blahblah Harley Quinn)

On this episode, Michael and I are joined by our resident DC Comics “expert”, Ryan as we try and get our arms around Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey.


  • We’re covering TV, comics, and movies with discussions on:
  • The most recent DC Comic “Birds of Prey” one-shot, written by Brian Azzarello
  • The confusingly (re-)named movie “Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey”
  • And, “Joker’s Favor”, the first appearance of Harley Quinn, which happened on the TV show, “Batman: The Animated Series”


We’re discussing all these and more, so settle in and enjoy the show.


  • CCG



Casual Comics Picks – Hot Comics of the Week (January 22, 2014)

Flying solo again for the best comic picks of the week. What follows are the most awesome comics being released this week according to me, the Casual Comics Guy, a guy who only reads about three comics per week. But, I do read ABOUT comics a lot and I used to read comics constantly, so I’m still better informed than 85% of bloggers on the webs who are just trying to maximize traffic through cheap keyword tricks.

By the way, if anyone can teach me those tricks, let me know. I’m too busy obsessing about all the comics I don’t have time to read.

I Don’t Get It: Hardcover

“I Don’t Get It” by Shannon Wheeler. Published by BOOM Studios.

It’s not the traditional “comic book”, but it caught my eye this week. First, it caught my attention because, many times, I truly don’t get it. Then, the New Yorker angle made me laugh because I’m old enough to remember Seinfeld. Lastly, it took me a while to dig up any more information on the book, so I thought, “Hey, even I can make a difference by spotlighting this instead of a third Avenger’s title. Read the rest of this entry

Dragon’s Lair’s Picks: Hot Comics of the Week (December 17, 2013)

It’s that time of the week again – New Comic Day approach-eth. Here are the top, hot comic book picks for the week of December 17. As always, picks are provided by our friend’s at Dragon’s Lair Comics and Games with commentary by yours truly.

Full disclosure: I have not read these issues before posting the list. In fact, I have not read many of these titles in years. I can still have an opinion about them, though. It’s a free country (last I checked).

Picks for this week:

Uncanny Avengers #15

Holy cow, Cap looks like he’s been through the red, white, and blue wringer here. Read the rest of this entry

Dragon’s Lair’s Picks: Hot Comics of the Week (November 20, 2013)

Thanks to the good folks at Dragon’s Lair Comics and Games in Omaha, I’ve finally got legitimate recommendations for you comics fans. In this (hopefully) weekly column, you’ll find the experts’ picks on the hottest comics hitting the shelves on new comic day.

Also, probably some confused commentary from me on many of the issues.

And away we go – Hot Comic Picks for November 20, 2013

Harley Quinn #0


I didn’t know starting comic book series’ numbering with #0 was a thing now.

Worlds Finest Trade Paperback Volume 2

“I’ll wait for the Trade Paperback” is the mantra of many casual comics fans. From the title, I was expecting Batman/Superman, but it looks like this volume is Huntress/Power Girl, which is still OK in my book.

Daredevil #33


Ol’ Hornhead has his own TV show coming up, and now his comic is a Hot Pick of the Week. The guy’s on a roll. He appears to be fighting all the Universal Classic monsters, so I’m holing out hope for an Abbot & Costello cameo.

Nowhere Men Trade Paperback Vol 1. – Fates Worse than Death

I’ll admit, I have no idea… Looks cool, though.

Afterlife with Archie #2

OK – When CJ sent over the Hot Picks list, this was the one I was most curious about. I did a little research and wasn’t disappointed. Here’s the description I found online:

“New Ongoing Series! The horror continues as a zombified Jughead goes on a relentless hunt for brains in this shocking new series by Harvey Award-winning comic/screenwriter Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (Stephen King’s Carrie, Archie Meets Glee) and Eisner-winning artist Francesco Francavilla (Batman, Black Beetle). When he performs a despicable and frightening act in front of everyone at the Halloween dance, tensions start to rise and fears begin to mount-who will be next to join Jughead in the Afterlife? And what about those who are already infected? Be warned, kiddies, this one’s not for the faint of heart!”

You had me at “zombified Jughead”. This one is automatically the Casual Comics Guy Pick of the Week. Expect a review soon.

All these titles (and so much more) are available at Dragon’s Lair in Omaha (84th and Blondo or 156th and Q). Support your local comic shops, people.