On we go with more cool artists I met at SDCC. I asked Albert if he would do an original piece of the Vision and Scarlet Witch. These are two of my favorite characters, as I have mentioned over and over.

I posted some work in progress photos Albert sent me, and I finally got the finished piece last week. For an original piece so magnificent, I was expecting to wait. However, apparently Albert felt bad for the 30 days it took to complete, so he sent me several more prints at no extra cost.

See! I told you Comic Con people are the best people in the whole world.

Here’s the finished piece:

I love the hand glowing with hex power. And that he framed the picture with Wanda out in front, since she obviously wore the pants in the family. (Not literally, Marvel’s artists knew where their bread was buttered)

And here are the other prints Albert sent me:

He sent one more (Venom), but I already gave that to my best Omaha comics bud, Marc. I may decide to give one (or more) of these away on the blog, if there’s any interest. I’m going to add a poll and, if there’s enough participation, I’ll post the top vote-getting print online as a giveaway.

Thanks again, Albert. You have unlocked the “Casual Comics: Certified Awesome” achievement.


One response to “SDCC Artists: Albert Morales”

  1. sdpete53 Avatar

    Albert did a great job on all of these, hard to pick the best one. Nice finish on the Viz/ SW. Its great to go to the artist alley just to see the process each artist goes through to come up with a work. Also what their personal favorites are to draw.

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