Casual Comics Love… Vision and Scarlet Witch

I’ve always had a weak spot for this duo. I have no clue what is going on in the Marvel Universe today, but the Vision and the Scarlet Witch are my all-time favorite characters. Both are outsiders – Vision, a synthozoid with a history that will make your head spin. Let’s just say that “artificial humans” are not supposed to love.

Probably also not supposed to wear a high collar and cape when just hanging out with the wife and heading to the grocery store.

Then, there’s the Scarlet Witch. Another outsider in the Marvel U. She’s not only a mutant, but also the daughter of the baddest of the bad guys (Magneto) and a former member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

Both were “programmed” to do bad from birth, but overcame that to become heroes, partners, and parents together. (Again… no idea where current continuity lies).

So, when my 14-year old brain meets this star-crossed couple, well… forget Romeo and Juliet. This is the power couple I’ve been cheering for since 1985. They didn’t just have to overcome families that didn’t get along – neither of them was even considered human by everyone else. Plus, they were crazy in love but could also, as a team, kick the rear of any villains to cross their path. What more could you want from a relationship?

Anyway, I did pick up both 80s mini-series at Comic Con. I’ll post my adult thoughts on my teenage fanboy crush soon.

In the meantime, here’s some wicked awesome art from Albert Morales.

After picking up the “Love and Capes” book 1 from Thom Zahler, I was feeling rather nostalgic for the romance of youth. When I saw Albert’s art, I knew I wanted something to hang in the man-cave that would fan the flames of my Vision/Scarlet Witch love.

As I recall, I even paid my childhood chum, Joel, a buck a piece to draw 8.5×11 pictures of each of these characters. They were good, but not as good as these. (Of course, Joel was 13 at the time, so his artistic skills may be considerably improved).

Albert’s been diligently tracking his progress, and I love what I’m seeing so far. I’ll post the final picture when I get it and it’s properly framed and hung in the man-cave.

2 responses to “Casual Comics Love… Vision and Scarlet Witch”

  1. Marty Rocks Avatar

    Nicely written Joe. Most likely you are already aware of this, but I highly recommend that you studiously avoid the House of M storyline.

    1. Casual Comics Guy Avatar

      So I’ve heard. I still live in a world where Vision and Scarlet Witch are happily married and have wacky adventures while trying to maintain a facade of normalcy. I’m re-reading both mini-series from the 80′ now. I haven’t gotten that far, but if I recall, Agatha Harkness becomes some kind of nanny to their baby. The comedic possibilities are endless.

      – CCG

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