Casual Comics Review: Atomic Robo #1

Here’s a comic that I picked up at San Diego Comic Con – one of many. The guy manning the booth at Red 5 (the publishing company) was super-jazzed to tell me all about Atomic Robo, and now I know why.

Words: Brian Clevinger
Art: Scott Wegner
Cover: Michael Avon Oeming

This title is so fun. The story is set in an alternate timeline where Nikola Tesla created a robot with artificial intelligence. Nikola Tesla is involved in the origin? You’ve got my interest.

The introduction promises to visit great moments in the alternate history, as seen through the eyes of our robotic hero.

The first issue kicks off with some whizz-bang action – the occult, Nazis, Nazis dabbling in the occult, Nazis getting punched in the jaw by an atomic powered robot. I can’t think of a story element that they missed in this first issue.

The chunky artwork, all full of bold lines and stunning action angles is perfect for the story. The whole first issue has a very “Indiana Jones” vibe. And, it’s not just the Nazi face-kicking. Just like in “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, the action is liberally cut with a dry sense of humor from the protagonist.

My favorite exchange takes place as Atomic Robo delves into the tunnels in search of the bad guy, Baron Heinrich von Helsingard. (Which, by the way is a great name for a villain). The Nazis are piling on the back of our hero in an attempt to slow him down.


Then, my favorite line of the issue happens…

“Move and we shoot!”
“I’m comfortable with that.”

Are you kidding me? That’s an incredible sequence.

I am looking forward to finishing out this story arc. I bought the first six issues at Comic Con, which have also been combined into a trade.

I just went to Legend Comics on Sunday, and while they don’t have the first trade, they do have several other of the Atomic Robo collections.

If I were hardcore enough to have a pull list, Atomic Robo would definitely be on it. In fact, I give it my highest recognition – I passed out several issues to my daughters to read. If all goes well, you’ll see reviews of a few more issues written by them.

(Hey, I gotta find someone else to help produce content for this site. Look at the archives. I’m exhausted.)

–          CCG

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