Scarlet Witch #2 Comic Review

By: Steve Orlando, Stephanie Renee Williams, Sarah Pichelli, Christopher Allen, Russell Dauterman

Towards the end of issue 1, the Last Door opens once again and Viv Vision walks through. When we pick up in issue 2, we discover that Viv is having issues with nightmares. The nightmares are so horrible that they’re killing her, and the Last Door has appeared to her. Wanda enters Viv’s dreamscape to figure out what’s wrong and discovers Dreamqueen. Dreamqueen’s source of sustenance is anguish, which is why she causes nightmares. Wanda and Dreamqueen battle it out. Before Dreamqueen is exiled, Wanda gives her some sustenance. However, what she actually gives Dreamqueen is a disguised transformation spell. The spell will cause Dreamqueen to require bliss as her source of sustenance instead of agony. However, her tastes will remain the same, so she’ll be repulsed by the taste of bliss. Viv is finally set free and returns to her home. Just before the story wraps up, we’re left on another cliffhanger. This time, it’s about Darcy’s backstory. She walked through the Last Door not too long ago after Scythia came after her…

This comic was super cool, I really enjoyed it! Here’s a little background on Viv Vision for those of you who are unfamiliar. Viv Vision is a teenage synthezoid, and twin to her brother Vin, created by her father Vision, one of the world’s most powerful and sophisticated androids. Vision uses the brain patterns of Wanda Maximoff for their mother’s mind, then creates the children from a combination of both his and hers. Viv joins the Champions and returns to them at the end of this story. Hopefully this helps clear up any confusion you newcomers have. If you have any questions or are confused about anything, Marvel’s website has so much information about their characters and stories. 

Vivian Vision

This issue also contains a bonus story, featuring Storm! Storm dropped by Wanda’s shop to let her know that Magneto has died. Wanda then asks Storm to accompany her on a trip to retrieve an ingredient she’s missing from her shop. Only two people of magical birthright are able to obtain the flower when it’s not in season. Storm agrees and the two of them set off. When they reach the planet where the flower is, Storm and Wanda are met by an angry water spirit. The two of them work together to defeat it and Storm proves to be more powerful than ever. Once the water spirit retreats, the two of them collect the flower and head back to Wanda’s shop, where they chat over tea. This brings the short story to an end. 

I really enjoyed this issue and the short story at the end. The way Wanda was able to enter Viv’s dreamscape and destroy Dreamqueen, even though it wasn’t her territory, was super awesome. This proves again that Wanda is one of the most powerful heroes in the MCU. The short story at the end wasn’t super relevant, but I still enjoyed it. It was a fun little glimpse into what else Wanda could be up to at her shop. I really like this series so far, and I hope you’ll continue to come along with me as I read and review these! 

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