Groot (2023) #1 – Marvel Comics

By: Dan Abnett, Damian Couciero, Lee Garbett

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 makes it’s way into theaters on Friday, May 5th. As we gear up for the end of this awesome series, Marvel is giving us a further look into the life of a favorite character…GROOT!

MONSTER, HERO, GUARDIAN…GROOT! Before he was a Guardian of the Galaxy…before the Grootfall…young Groot lived a life of tranquility on his serene home world. But when monstrous invaders attack his planet, Groot must accept his heroic destiny! Will this destiny lead him to come to blows with a young Kree soldier by the name of Mar-Vell? Join writer Dan Abnett (GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY) and artist Damian Couceiro (THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2099, X-FORCE) as they reveal never-before-seen moments of Groot’s origin and first adventure through the galaxy!

Edge of Spider-Verse (2023) #1 – Marvel Comics

By: Karla Pacheo, Pere Perez, Patrick Brown

Another new series?!?!?! This one is also getting us ready for another amazing Marvel movie. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse will be coming to theaters June 2, 2023 and I’m super excited to see how this one plays out.

INTO THE OTHER EDGE OF THE SPIDER-VERSE! SPIDER-REX returns and faces the VENOMSAURUS! PLUS – WHO IS THE SPIDER-KILLER?! Zander Cannon introduces the world to the scariest Spider-Character EVER CREATED!!! Bringing your favorite breakout characters back, as well as introducing brand new Spiders who will blow your mind!

Captain Marvel (2019) #49 – Marvel Comics

By: Kelly Thompson, Sergio Davila, Juan Frigeri

The last time we saw Captain Marvel, she was being held by The Brood. This time, Spider-Woman and Hazmat join the adventure and we’ll see what The Brood will unleash from Captain Marvel.

GRIEF WILL BE HER DOWNFALL! Captain Marvel, Spider-Woman, Hazmat and the X-Men’s mission to find Rogue and rescue Binary has technically been successful, and yet our heroes now find themselves in a worse position than ever, trapped at the mercy of a legion of Brood and a rogue Brood Empress. The Brood has now pushed Carol Danvers to her limit not once, but twice. What it unlocked the first time helped make Carol the Captain Marvel she is today. What has it unlocked this time? And will anyone – including Carol – survive it?

Moon Knight (2021) #23 – Marvel Comics

By: Jed Mackay, Alessandro Cappuccio, Stephen Segovia

We visited Moon Knight back at the beginning of this month. Tigra was hunting while Moon Knight pursued another mystery. This time, Venom becomes involved! I can’t wait to see where this issue takes us.

MOON KNIGHT & VENOM FIGHTING SIDE BY SIDE! The Midnight Mission is open to all travelers by night who need aid…even if they’re host to the super-symbiote VENOM! When Dylan Brock asks Moon Knight for help, the two must stalk the nighttime streets together in search of justice!

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