New Comic Picks- Week of March 29, 2023

American Dreams #1 (of 5) – Bard of Bards Comics

By: Dan Kalban, Dody Eka, Kyler Clodfelter

This one is definitely interesting and I’m curious to see where this series goes. In New York City, 1900, a Jewish immigrant, Jake Gold, works in a sweatshop by day and fights in a gang at night. One night, Thomas Edison performs a strange experiment in Central Park, unleashing strange energy across NYC and Jake is suddenly gifted with amazing powers. His path soon crosses with that of luminaries such as Harry Houdini, anarchist Emma Goldman, and crusading journalist Nellie Bly. Standing against the neophyte hero are Edison, JP Morgan, and, worst of all, the occultist leader Aleister Crowley. Can Jake rise to the occasion and protect everyone’s American Dreams?

Scarlet Witch #4 – Marvel Comics

By: Steve Orlando, Sara Pichelli, Russell Dauterman

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Scarlet Witch, so I’m especially excited for this one. The Scarlet Witch’s shopkeeper, Darcy Lewis, has a secret—and when the consequences of that secret result in the annihilation of Wanda’s shop, Wanda Maximoff must choose between protecting her new life or saving her friend’s. Scarlet Witch faces Scythia, leader of the Bacchae, in a battle to answer the question: what does it mean to enact justice?

Spider-Gwen Shadow Clones #2 – Marvel Comics

By: Emily Kim, Kei Zama, David Nakayama

Spider-Gwen is back! This time, enter Sand-Gwen?! Spider-Gwen meets the next cloned version of herself, and this time, it’s a combination of her and Sandman! What do these clones want with her though? Luckily, with the help of Reed Richards, Gwen is about to get some answers!

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