New Comic Picks – February 22, 2023

We’re well into February, and although the weather is still frigid here, the new comics are really heating up. There are some pretty amazing books out this week, including the next issues in the amazing runs of She-Hulk and Thor at Marvel right now. But, here are the three top comics of the week for you casual comics fans.

My Bad Vol 2 #4 (of 5) – Ahoy Comics

Story: Mark Russell, Bryce Ingman
Art/Cover: Peter Krause

One of our favorite comic authors here at the Casual Comics Cast, Mark Russell, is still at it. And by “it”, I mean “writing amazing satirical comics that combine superhero action and biting social commentary”. The first “My Bad” series was terrific, yet Volume 2 is hitting new highs each issue. The madness continues in issue 4: “Emperor King returns from prison to a house full of uninvited villains! At a gathering of heroes, the Chandelier has a confession to make–one that threatens to ungather the gathered heroes! PLUS: Rush Hour experiences a weird bathroom!”

This one is going to be a little hard to jump into the middle of, so you might need to visit a shop that has some back issues (And, fortunately the two cities I have lived in – Omaha, NE and Columbus, OH are both blessed with amazing local comic shops that carry a broad selection of titles). Or, you can follow the Casual Comics mantra, “I’ll wait for the trade paperback”. But, you should 100% be reading “My Bad”.

Batman One Bad Day: Clayface #1 – DC Comics

By: Jackson Lanzing Collin Kelly , Xermanico , Collin Kelly , Jackson Lanzing

Spoiler alert – but our next Casual Comics Cast is going to center around the Batman: One Bad Day series of one-shots. On second thought, that’s probably not a “spoiler” so much as it’s a “promotional message”.

The One Bad Day series has been a delight so far. Each one-shot gives you a standalone story centered around one of Batman’s rogues. It’s an ideal format for comic readers who can’t (or don’t want to) keep up with complex comics continuity and to invest the time and money month-to-month in an ongoing

Individual issues vary in quality, but I think that it’s largely based on which characters you already have an affinity for. I don’t know a lot about Clayface, but because of the way this series is set up, I’m excited to get to know more.

“All Basil Karlo ever wanted was to be an actor…no…one of the greatest actors there’s ever been. However, his life went off course when he became the shape-shifting monster known as Clayface. Creating a new identity, he pursues his dream of acting only to find that Gotham City isn’t the only place he might not have what it takes to make it. So, he’ll reshape the city to fit his needs in a deadly pursuit of stardom.”

Black Cloak #2 – Image Comics

By: Kelly Thompson , Meredith Mcclaren

Issue #1 was nothing short of a revelation. With simple, clean, yet incredibly emotive art the blindingly brilliant story from Kelly Thompson shines like a white-hot sun. Even the solicit cuts to the bone: “Murdered prince. Hungry mermaids. Vengeful queen. Plentiful suspects. Dead assassin. Dying Black Cloak. So far this case is going to the devils. And it’s super great that absolutely everything is on the line. No pressure!”

For context, the Black Cloak are the quasi-law enforcement in an enchanted realm that hates them to the core. But, even that simplification cheapens the depth which Thompson and Mcclaren were able to establish in issue #1. This is the type of book that reduces me to base cliches, so I’ll go there. Don’t walk… RUN to your local
comic shop and get issues 1 and 2 of Black Cloak!

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