Happy Holidays – Comic Book Style

It’s that week between Christmas and New Year’s where I’ve got enough free time to be counting my blessings. And, the biggest one for me is our amazing podcast crew! I’ve been delinquent in posting updates to the blog (it’s on the list of New Year’s Resolutions), but right before Christmas, we published TWO podcasts discussing comics and other media from the big two publishers – DC and Marvel.

In the DC Holiday special, we discuss “Christmas with the Super Heroes”, a treasury edition of DC classic holiday yarns starring Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and… DC’s House of Mystery?

And, in our Merry Marvel Christmas episode, we’re discussing the Guardian’s of the Galaxy Holiday Special on Disney+, as well as the recaps and reviews of the following holiday comic books:

  • Amazing Spiderman 166 (1976) – “War of the Reptile-Men” (yes, it’s a Christmas issue!)
  • Marvel Team Up #1 (1971) – “Have Yourself a Sandman Little Christmas” 
  • Sensational She-Hulk #8 (1989) – “The World’s Greatest Detective”

So, join us over this holiday break as we discuss how these two publishers deal with Christmas in surprisingly different fashions!

  • CCG

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