Thanksgiving – it’s a magical season. And, we’re not the only ones who celebrate it. Regardless of whether you’re talking about the Marvel or the DC universe, your favorite heroes are also giving thanks in November. And we’re celebrating by reading three of the (many) Thanksgiving comics out there.

Franklin Richards: Happy Franksgiving

First up is this funny, fantastical (dare we say “Calvin and Hobbes-esque) romp through the Marvel Universe starring everyone’s least favorite member of Marvel’s First Family. Major bonuses for adding H.E.R.B.I.E to the misadventures contained in these delightful short stories.

I’ll have to admit to giving thanks that someone finally found a way to make Franklin Richards a character I’m interested in reading about.

Deadpool #37: Guess Who’s Bumming at Dinner

In this AXIS tie-in (if you have to ask, you don’t want to know), all heroes and villains have had the good/evil meters reversed. Good guys are bad guys. Bad guys are good guys. Cats and dogs living together… So how does this magic enchantment affect the Merc with a Mouth? Enter “Zenpool” – who is just trying to have a nice Thanksgiving dinner with the family.

This Zenpool adventure has everything you’d want from a Thanksgiving special. A family gathered around the table, bad guys getting whacked with a frozen turkey, and a suddenly vegan Deadpool coming to grips with the reality of carving the bird.

JSA #54 – Virtue, Vice, and Pumpkin Pie

This relatively straightforward story has the Justice Society hosting their annual Thanksgiving dinner with the Justice League as their honored guests. And one very paranoid Batman worries incessantly about the wisdom of gathering so many of Earth’s heroes in one place – making them an easy target.

But, you know what they say – it’s not paranoia when they really ARE out to get you.

So, we hope that this year, you’ll join us as we discuss these Thanksgiving comics, and much more, on our Thanksgiving episode of the Casual Comics Cast!

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