There’s more to the dark side of Marvel than I previously knew… much more. Preparing for our Halloween podcast, I found a ton of stories to whet the appetite of any Marvel comics fans looking for a bit more of the creepy, scary, and just plain spooky corners of the Marvel Universe. In our latest podcast, we touch on just a few of these.

First off, there’s the magnificent Marvel “Special Presentation” on Disney+ – Werewolf by Night. This hour-long one-shot gives you just a taste of the classic monster tales from the 60s and 70s.

Then, we’ve also got a couple of mini-series:

Rise of the Midnight Sons

From the 90s, Marvel’s “Rise of the Midnight Sons” features Ghost Rider, Blade, Morbius, and other dark detectives facing off against a newly resurrected demon, hell-bent on destruction. An inspiration to the upcoming console game “Rise of the Midnight Suns”, it’s a pretty good encapsulation of an era of Marvel comics that was a gap in my reading prior to this recording.

Black Panther: White Light, Black Heat

In addition, there’s Black Panther (2006) #13-14 – a storyline called “White Light, Black Heat”. Black Panther and Luke Cage take an unexpected detour to a recently hurricane-ravaged New Orleans where Blade and Brother Voodoo are putting the clamps on a major vampire uprising in the Big Easy. Plus, Karl “the Mailman” Malone is introduced into the Marvel Universe.

We cover all of the above, and more, on the latest episode of the Casual Comics Cast.

Listen in, and if you’re intrigued, all the books we discuss are available on Marvel Unlimited, for your reading enjoyment.

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