I’m excited to announce (well, tease more than announce) that we’ve got some big things coming over at the Casual Comics Cast. In the meantime, here are some new comics this week for your consideration.

We’ve had some real bummer weeks in the recent past, so hopefully, by the time I get to the end of this, I’ll have a pick for the Casual Comics Hot Pick of the Week.

Cadmus #1

Nice. Right off the bat, we’ve got a terrific comic.

Cadmus #1 – Writer: Samantha Beck, Art: Samantha Beck, Publisher: Antarctic Press

“Antarctic Press presents a true tale for the ages, a gorgeous retelling of a classic Greek myth. When his sister Europa is kidnapped from his home of Phoenicia, Cadmus is sent by his father to retrieve her. Unable to find her yet forbidden to return without her, his fortunes seem to turn when an oracle reveals how he shall sow the first seeds of a mighty city of his own!” 

This is the kind of comic I could really get on board with. I have not heard of Samantha Beck, but she’s really killing it with dynamic art and a can’t miss story. I haven’t read Ovid’s Metamorphoses since college, and I’m really looking forward to revisiting it in this comic.

Death Be Damned #2

Writer:  Ben Acker, Art: Hannah Christenson, Publisher: Boom Studios!

This is another book with brilliant art. I wish that the solicit were a little more explicit about the story author Ben Acker is delivering. 

“Miranda wakes in the Underneath, caught between the living and dead, and learns that even if she can’t die, she may be running out of time to get her revenge.”

The cover art definitely promises something otherworldy. It’s interesting, but I’d have to track down the first issue. Assuming that the local comic shop has both if the first two issues, this is one I’ll definitely be checking out.

Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye #6

This is, by far, the most intriguing title I’m seeing this week. The actual title of the book raises multiple questions:

  • Who is Cave Carson?
  • Why does he have a cybernetic eye?
  • Does he only have one biological eye and the other is cybernetic, or does he have two functioning eyes and a spare cybernetic one for occasional crime-fighting use?
  • Is it sexist for me to assume Cave Carson is a man? I mean, Cave could be a gender-neutral name, I think…

Next up, psychedelic cover art.

Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye #6Writer: Jonathan Rivera, Art: Michael Avon Oeming, Publisher: DC Comics

And the suitably weird solicit:

“The end of the beginning is here! Cave Carson and company must battle through hordes of Fungus Beasts to prevent EBX from awakening the ancient being known as the Whisperer. With the fate of the world hanging in the balance, how can a spelunker, a vigilante and a college sophomore defeat an ancient evil? Don’t worry, because Cave Carson has a plan! Whether it’s a good plan remains to be seen…”

I don’t even have to ask any more questions; the solicit asks almost all of them for me. The only thing I don’t know is this – how did DC Comics ever come to publish this oddball title?

In retrospect, in DC’s history, there are heroes like the Metal Men and Metamorpho that defy explanation, but this one is seemingly intentionally impenetrable. It appears to be an oddity for the sake of being an oddity, which is why I’ll flip through it but not yet recommend it.

Head Lopper #5

It’s an attention-grabbing title, that’s for sure. And, for a book with such an ambiguous and provoking name, the cover is oddly subdued.


Head Lopper #5, Writer: Andrew MacLean, Art: Andrew MacLean, Cover: Andrew MacLean, Publisher: Image Comics (Man, that Andrew MacLean guy is all over it)

This looks like a title I could really get behind. It says that it’s a “Quarterly Adventure Comic” right there on the cover. That’s about the right publishing cadence for me to be able to keep up with the series. Checking the solicit for details, we find:

“NEW STORY ARC! ‘IN THE SHADOW OF THE TOWER’-Norgal and Agatha are back! A daring new adventure awaits, looming like the Crimson Tower, home of Ulrich the Twice Damned, sworn enemy of Zhaania Kota Ka. With old friends and new, our heroes boldly enter the bloodied pinnacle with bare steel and steady hearts. The quarterly series HEAD LOPPER has returned!”

Issue #5 actually starts a new story arc, which should be a great place to jump in. Plus, I love the description of the location… the Crimson Tower, home of Ulrich the Twice Damned, sworn enemy of Zhaania Kota Ka. This is either going to be genius on the level of Game of Thrones or madness on the level of Cave Dwellers. It’s probably the latter, and that’s more than OK by me.

How can a casual fan resist checking out the new story arc here? With an intriguing title, wonderful art, and a suitably juicy description, I’m going to name “Head Lopper #5” the Official Casual Comics Hot Pick of the Week!

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