Incomprehensible Ideas: “Archie vs. Predator”

So, I don’t know if this is the first in a series. After all, the comics world seems filled with incomprehensible ideas.

For instance, the Punisher was once transformed into a creature like Frankenstein’s monster after being killed and dismembered.

The first question many super-casual comic fans might be asking is “They’re really still publishing Archie comics?” They sure are. And apparently, the tremendous success of Afterlife with Archie (which I adore) has made them a little cocky. The newest title (as far as I know) is an Archie/Predator crossover.









Jughead seems mildly concerned, at best.

This isn’t the first time Archie’s had an insane crossover. In fact, I’m glad I put that picture of Frankencastle up there. You’ll never guess who Archie and the gang met previously:

This is the least weird page from the comic I could find.

Maybe I need to do some more research… Maybe an Archie/Predator crossover is one of the more SANE crossovers they’ve done in the Archie Universe.

Stay tuned, when this one hits the shelves, I’ll definitely let you know in the weekly picks. It can’t be worse than Kiss Kids, after all.



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