Hot Comics of the Week – Transition Edition (Week of 08/20)

Holy Cow, has it been a crazy month. I know even less about new comics today than I did two months ago, believe it or not. Aside from the sweet Kickstarter for Into the Void, my first comic book, I’m transitioning to a new city. Soon, you’ll be able to read about all the best comic shops in Ohio, right here on this very blog.

But, while I’m on the road and have a few minutes, I thought I’d look over the new comic list and see what’s interesting. Join me, will you, on this flight of fancy (and confusion) as I once again attempt to figure out what the heck is going on in comic book culture today.

Fables #143

Fables #143. By Bill Willingham, Mark Buckingham, Nimit Malavia. DC Comics.

Even if I don’t read a book anymore, sometimes I gotta give it a nod just based on longevity. Back when I was getting my MBA, I would do my homework at Border’s. Yes… this was a long time ago. And, yet, when I took a break from homework, I’d catch up on trade paperbacks of Fables. Border’s is a distant memory, but Fables soldiers on.

Infinite Crisis Fight For The Multiverse #2

Infinite Crisis Fight For The Multiverse #2. By: Dan Abnett, Tom Raney, Dan Panosian. DC Comics.

The most confusing title of the week goes to DC Comics. I’m not sure what to make of An infinitiely large crisis that is also a fight for the universe. How does something like that come about? And why is The Joker so fat?

This might also be the ugliest cover I’ve seen in recent memory. I’d say it was the ugliest comic art, but the recent issues of She-Hulk almost made me quit the title forever.

Seriously.. what is this?

 Apparently, this title is based on a recent video game. Because we all know how well the major publishers do translating video games to the page. 

Curse you Scott Adams! And not the Dilbert one. (Although come to think of it, I’m not that happy with him, either)

DC! You’re failing so hard with this title, you’re making me nostalgic for Questprobe. Please, stop monkeying around with new universes.

Multiversity #1

Multiversity #1. By: Grant Morrison, Ivan Reis. DC Comics.


I’m not even going to read the description. Please tell me you’re not trying for a gritty reboot of Captain Carrot. Seeing this cover makes me want to go back in time and prevent myself from ever reading a DC title. If you’re messing with Captain Carrot, you’ve totally lost your marbles.

I need to find a way to calm my nerves after seeing this one.

Oh, no. I accidentally just looked at the solicit for this one. I’m not copying a pasting it here. It’s a TRAIN WRECK. If you want to see it, go ahead. But what you see cannot ever be unseen!

I don’t think I can dislike the current state of comics any more than I do this week. If the industry so bereft of ideas that every title makes my inner comics geek die a little more?


Steampunk Battlestar Galactica 1880 #1 (of 4). By: Tony Lee, Aneke, Ardian Syaf. Dynamite Entertainment.

This makes every molecule of my heart sad. I could write a whole post of what’s wrong with this book. And I still might… But I’m shell-shocked by the awfulness of this week’s titles right now.

Since I started this blog, over a year ago, this week has made me more sad then ever about where comics are. Maybe that says something about me. Perhaps I need a professional guide, like the Dragon’s Lair crew, before I venture into the wild world of comics. 

I promise I’ll try harder next week. Until then, I suppose I should pick at least one GOOD comic of the week. And, appropos of this week, I’m picking this one:

Ms Marvel #1 (6th Printing)

Ms. Marvel #1. By: G. Willow Wilson, Adrian Alphona, Sara Pichelli. Marvel Comics.

In a weak week for comics, I’m going to just give a shout out to Ms. Marvel.

You know why this book is in its SIXTH printing? (I’m not going to get into the pricing dynamics and Marvel’s complex schema for maximizing profits). No. A sixth printing is still pretty rare. If you haven’t jumped on board with Ms. Marvel, you should. The success of this title just shows you how starved REAL comics fans are for something unique and different. The new Ms. Marvel is a revelation – calling back to the original uniqueness of Spider-man. Dealing with real teen issues in relatable ways, this is a book where you’ll care about the characters as much as the action. 

That’s why the SIXTH PRINTING of Ms. Marvel #1 is still the official Hot Comic Pick of the Week

I’m going to be doing these more regularly now that my schedule is settling down, and I’m getting used to the rarified air of Ohio. Let this be a warning to you comics. Step it up…





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