Deadpool Team-Up Coming for Original Sin Event

OK, so maybe there have been other Deadpool team-ups in the past. I was browsing Comics Alliance, though, when I ran across this picture:

This is a team-up I can get behind.

This is the cover for Deadpool #30, coming in June. Marvel’s big event “Original Sin” should be in full swing by then, and this is the Deadpool tie-in.

Deadpool and Dazzler? Sign me up. I don’t know if Wade can play guitar worth a dang, but it should be a good show. I’d love to see areal band cosplay this at San Diego Comic Con and actually do a four-song set.

Anyway, that’s it. Saw the cover with Dazzler and I just had to share. Maybe I’ll peek in and see what Dazzler is up to in regular Marvel 616 continuity and get back with you later.



3 responses to “Deadpool Team-Up Coming for Original Sin Event”

  1. giantsizecomicthings Avatar

    Did you read the Deapool Team-Up series from a few years ago in which he just goes around teaming up with random characters such as Hercules, the Watcher, and Ghost Rider, just to name a few? I found it to be hit or miss with each story, but it had some definite gems.

    1. Casual Comics Guy Avatar

      I have not seen that series. I did like “Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe”, so I’ll have to check that one out. Any particular team-up you’d particularly recommend? Hercules is an old favorite of mine, but if I could only check out ONE of the team-ups, which one is the one to read?

      1. giantsizecomicthings Avatar

        Hmmm… only one huh? It’s a tough sell. If you like Herc, that is a good one. I’d also push the Zapata Brothers and Machine Man ones. Those 3 I think are my favorite

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