Casual Comics Rewind Review: Vision and the Scarlet Witch Volume 1, Number 4

Here we are, at the end of the line for this wonderful Marvel mini-series from the 80s, starring my all time favorite married couple – Vision and the Scarlet Witch. And, it’s been a heck of a ride. Let’s check in on my favorite Marvel sweethearts and see what kind of family drama awaits the duo into this month.

“Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself…!” opens with a mystery. A figure clad entirely in white climbs Mount Wundagore. The narrator is content to call him the “White Pilgrim” at the outset.

Vision and Scarlet Witch; Vol 1 #4.

And, you know what? Snark about the stories all you like, haters. But there’s no denying one thing – that’s a gorgeous splash page.

So, the White Pilgrim “knoks” on the door of a remote cabin where Bova – a kind of cow/woman – lives with the man-child/sorcerer Modred. Don’t ask… I’ve got no answers for what happened to him.

ccg 002

Who could this mysterious White Pilgrim be?

Well, the cover touts REVELATIONS and the cover looks like this:

Thanks for killing the suspense, Marvel. Are you even trying?

Apparently the cow-lady is super lonely because she tells the “White Pilgrim” all about a woman who left some kids in her care decades ago, even though the woman warned her that the childrens’ father was super-dangerous. Just goes to show that you can’t trust super evolved cows with a secret.

(Spoilers for a 30-year old comic)
Turns out that Magneto is the real father of Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch.

So the mutant villain tracks his children to the moon, where Wanda and Vision have just arrived. There’s a great scene where the Inhumans meet Wanda and Vision at the landing port. Apparently, former Avengers still get to use the Quinjet for personal reasons…

And as much as I love the Vision, he turns out to be just like every other brother-in-law on Earth. Pietro and his wife think Vision and Wanda are just dropping in to see their niece, but in reality, the Vision just needs a favor.

ccg 003You may or may not recall that the Vision had to cut off his own arm in issue #2 of this mini-series. Wanda and Vision want the moon scientists to fix his arm.

So, it’s good times all around for the happy, if unconventional, syntehzoid / mutant / moon-dwelling Inhuman family. Good times, that is, until that mysterious White Pilgrim shows up. And even though the cover totally spoiled it, they still go for a big reveal.

I love this page for so many reasons. First, Magneto is wearing a costume under his disguise – helmet and all. Plus, even though Magneto has already shouted his name in everyone’s super-powered faces, and even though both Wanda and Pietro BOTH were members of his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Vision clarifies to everyone in the room that, yes this is Magneto, and yes, he is our enemy.

There’s a pretty sweet battle that follows where, in true 80s Marvel min-series style, everyone narrates their own emotions and intentions while they fight one another. I always loved the talk-and-brawl scenes of this era.

Then, in the middle of the combat, the Quicksilver’s baby starts crying. And the whole thing  comes to a screeching halt because Crystal tells them all to knock it off, like they were all at recess.

The big reveal of Revelations is that Magneto is Pietro and Wanda’s real father. But even before he tells them that, Crystal decides to let the biggest mutant villain in the Marvel Universe cuddle her baby. Maybe a little soon, Crystal… just two panels ago, Vision was still picking himself up off the concrete.

And just like that, we’ve come to the end of one of the greatest mini-series events of all time. How will being a grandfather change Magneto? What does married life have in store for Vision and Wanda? Do the Avengers even know there’s a Quinjet missing? You’ll have to stay tuned for Volume 2 of Vision and the Scarlet Witch.

Comic readers in the 80s had to wait two long years for that series. But you don’t have to wait that long. In fact, you can click over here and see the Thanksgiving issue of Volume 2. Or, keep your eyes open for my recap of that series, coming soon.

Until then, cheers!


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