Today’s the big day. Pre-registration for San Diego Comic Con 2014 starts in just a couple hours… and ends in a couple of hours and ten minutes, I’d guess. Wish me luck, folks.

One of my favorite things about SDCC is the super-awesome cosplay.

So, in honor of the big day, I found a super-cool tumblr site: My Half Assed Cosplay Ideas

Artist Patrick Dean presents some pretty cool ideas for cosplay using only stuff you’d find around the house, at a flea market, or a thrift shop. Check out the site for all his designs, but below are a few of my favorites:

Kraven the Hunter Cosplay by Patrick Dean
Dr. Fate Cosplay idea by Patrick Davis
Animal Man cosplay by Patrick Davis

Be sure to check Patrick’s tumblr for the rest. Also, you can find all my SDCC cosplay photos here.

Happy Pre-reg Day!


3 responses to “Easy Cosplay for San Diego Comic Con”

  1. sdpete53 Avatar

    Hey Joe any luck with passes? Our group was able to get 4 days for everyone. The process this year seemed much smoother than years past.

    1. Casual Comics Guy Avatar

      I was working with like 6 people, but only managed to get Thursday and Sunday. I’d you know someone who’s not using those days, I’d gladly pay for the use of those days. 🙂

    2. Casual Comics Guy Avatar

      I’m also going to try at General Registration for the other days.

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