2013 Best Comics Podcast – Two Headed Nerd

This week I found a pretty spectacular way to try and stay current on the world of comics without, you know, spending way too much time and money reading them. Comics Podcasts!

And the best one I’ve come across – by a wide margin – is the Two Headed Nerd podcast, which is produced right here in Omaha, NE.

The Two Headed Nerd podcast is hosted by Joe Patrick and Matt Baum, superfans of the highest order.

Listening to Joe and Matt discuss comic books is like hanging out at the local comic book shop and eavesdropping on the always opinionated staff of nerds debate the merits of various titles, creators, and storylines. The guys are passionate about comics and extremely knowledgeable.

Best of all, the hosts, Joe Patrick and Matt Baum, are very engaging. You can tell they’ve known each other for quite a while and neither takes themselves too seriously.

The show is slickly produced and seriously entertaining. Listening to the podcast in my car has helped me get current on what’s going on in the wild world of comic books. Joe and Matt already read all the books, so now I don’t have to. And based on their rapid-fire spotlight of new titles, I know what I should be looking for when I do make it into a comics shop.

The Two Headed Nerd podcast is Certified Casually Awesome for casual comics fans. I never got around to doing a “Best of” list for 2013, but I’m hopping in the Delorean, punching it to 88 mph, and naming The Two Headed Nerd podcast the Best Casual Comic Podcast of 2013. 

Stop by their site, visit the message boards, and download a podcast or two. I’d recommend their year-end awards show (The oddly named “Golden Beppos” to get caught up on 2013 and then diving right into their weekly show.



One response to “2013 Best Comics Podcast – Two Headed Nerd”

  1. Matt Baum Avatar

    The Golden Beppos are a reference to Golden Age Superman’s pet Beppo the Supermonkey. And thanks for the props homie!

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