Digital Comics Deal – Image Comics Half Off

Here’s a great chance to sample some new (to you) titles from Image Comics. Today and tomorrow (Friday and Saturday), the entire catalog of digital comics is 50% off at the Image store, which is a pretty great comics deal.

What series should you check out? I haven’t read these yet, but they look the most promising to me:

Alex + Ada

I’m a big fan of Jonathan Luna, so this title grabbed my attention a while back. A new X5 android pops into Alex’s life unexpectedly. (I expect it’s like Kramer’s misplaced mail-order bride).

I don’t know much else, but I’ll post a review once I’ve read it. But, at half price, you may want to jump in.

East of West

This one I have read, and it’s one heck of a wild ride. Three of the Four Horsemen – you know the ones I mean – wreak havoc in an alterna-sci-fi-wild-west universe. The Fourth will stop at nothing to get his lost love back – even if he has to go through his former companions to do it.

The art in this series is luminous and the story has been moving at lightning speed. At 50% off, now’s a great time to check out the first issue and see if it does anything for you.

Satellite Sam

This one seems seedy and salacious in all the right places. Written by Matt Fraction (author of my casual comic crush “Hawkeye”), this pulpy noir should be worth a look, too.

Other Image recommendations are welcome in the comments.



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