Hot Comic Book Guys?!? – I guess that’s me…

So, scanning my site stats tonight, I saw a metric ton of hits. An odd search term popped up in my results – “Hot Comic Book Guys”

My intellectual side tells me that this is because I always post “hot comic book” picks on my site. But a part of me is still flattered that searching “Hot Comic Book Guys” on google gets you to this blog (only 7 pages deep).

If any of you know how to make me Number One for “Hot Comic Book Guys” searches, your wisdom is appreciated.

hot comic


Thank you, Cleveland! Rock and Roll!


One response to “Hot Comic Book Guys?!? – I guess that’s me…”

  1. sdpete53 Avatar

    Haha Joe, congrats on your #3 status. Thank you sir for all your time and effort creating this for all us comic book addicts. May you and your family have a splendid Christmas and New Year!!!

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