Casual Comic Book Gift Giving Guide – Hot Gifts for Comic Book Fans this Christmas (Part 2)

Thanks again to the Dragon’s Lair crew for helping me compile a great list of hot holiday gifts for the comic book fan in your life. Up next is Part 2 of the gift guide – Prestige Items and Books for more Serious Collectors

These books and gifts tell your friends and loved ones just how much you love them (by the fact that you’re willing to spend a LOT of money on them). If there’s someone you like that much, and/or you’re richer than Paris Hilton, you’ve come to the right place.

The Annotated Sandman, Volume 1.

The Annotated Sandman
The Annotated Sandman

Let’s face it. There was never a series that had the volume of magic, mystery, tragedy, and joy of “Sandman”. Any comic book lover worth his/her salt has read the series multiple times and harbored a huge crush on Dream, Death, or both.

Collecting the first 10 issues in a prestige, hardbound format, the pages are in glorious black and white, which gives a whole new level of depth to the comic.

It’s exactly the kind of thing a comics fan would love, but probably has never bought for themselves since it’s the same story, but in an expanded format.

I think cover price is $49.99

Batman Black and White Bust


Ignore the fact that Batman looks like he’s trying to squeeze one out.

Do I need to remind you of my thoughts about Batman: Black and White? Because you should check out this totally different Rifftrax clip.

But, the bust is awesomely sculpted and would be a great addition to the mantle… or bookshelf… or cubicle of the Batman fan in your life.

Just watch the (different) Rifftrax  clip, OK?

The Rocketeer: The Complete Adventures Hardcover


A comic from the 80’s, but set in the 30’s. Count me in.

If you saw the movie and loved it, this is the book you want.

If you saw it and hated it, you need this book to see how good it could have been.

Child of Tomorrow Hardcover


Dragon’s Lair has a lot of these old EC collections. First thing’s first. Each of these collections is worth the bucks. Terrific B&W storytelling from classic comics.

Second up, I only flipped through all of the volumes available at the Lair. All of them are on the holiday gift shelf, and all of them are a worthy gift for a comics fan. I picked this one because I loved the sci-fi elements. But if you’ve got a horror or superhero fan, there are volumes for them, too.

Doctor Who Omnibus, Volume 1


Could the list end in any other way? Obviously not.

If your comics fan loves Doctor Who, this is an obvious gift. If they’re not, they should be… so still.. an obvious gift.

Check out part 1 of the Comic Gift Guide – Trade Paperbacks

Now Available – Part 3 of the Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers


3 responses to “Casual Comic Book Gift Giving Guide – Hot Gifts for Comic Book Fans this Christmas (Part 2)”

  1. Jeanetta Hayes Adkins Avatar

    Just the pictures make me wish I were in Santa Barbara visiting the local comic shop. I would have picked Columbus OH since it’s closer to me, but it’s warmer in SB, so that’s a bonus. 😉

  2. Casual Comic Book Gift Giving Guide – Hot Gifts for Comic Book Fans this Christmas (Part 3) | Casual Comics Guy Avatar

    […] the last two lists (Part 1 and Part 2) have been comprised of the items I found at Dragon’s Lair, the Lair really is Comics and Games, […]

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