Dragon’s Lair’s Picks: Hot Comics of the Week (December 11, 2013)

Welcome to the top comic book picks for the week. As always, these picks are suggested by the knowledgeable staff over at Dragon’s Lair Comics and Games. They’ve always got great recommendations, so I’m glad to share them here:

Immortal Iron Fist Complete Collection Trade Paperback Vol. 1

“The Immortal Iron Fist” was my first introduction to Matt Fraction and Alexandre Aja, the objects of my casual crush for their work on the new “Hawkeye” series.

Plus, Iron Fist has his own Netflix TV series coming out so it’s time you caught up with the hero. It may seem a bit pricey at $39.99, but the trade paperback collects 20 issues of a tremendous run on an underrated hero. That’s less than $2 per issue.

Richard Stark’s Parker Slayground Hardcover

It’s got Darwyn Cooke on board, which immediately gets my attention. And, the cover makes it kind of look like the Punisher trapped in an amusement park. Let’s read the synopsis and find out what it’s all about, shall we?

“Parker, whose getaway car crashes after a heist, manages to elude capture with his loot by breaking into an amusement park that is closed for the winter.

But his presence does not go unnoticed-a pair of cops observed the job and its aftermath. But rather than pursue their suspect, they decide to go into business for themselves, with the help of some ‘business associates.’

From then on it’s a game of cat and mouse, one played out through closed rides of the abandoned carnival – a game that slowly starts to favor the mouse.”

OK – I liked the cover more than the flat description, but it still sounds cool.

Batman Black and White #4

When I hear “Batman Black and White”, the first thing that comes to mind is Rifftrax, obviously. And why not? Watch this and try not to laugh.

I have nothing further.

Doc Savage #1

Little known fact: Doc Savage is also known as “The Man of Bronze”. Item I just made up: That’s because of his oiled up spray tan.

Fearless Dawn Jurassic One Shot

Isn’t listing “#1” on the cover of a “one-shot” a bit redundant?

I’m only complaining because that’s valuable space they could have filled with more of the gorgeous artwork. The synopsis references Nazi villains, Retro-Rocket action, and an army of genetically modified dinosaurs.

OK, you got me. This one is the Casual Comics Guy Top Pick of the Week.

And, once again, thanks to Craig, CJ, and the whole Dragon’s Lair crew. Support your Local Comic Book Shop!


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