Back again, new comic book release schedule in hand. And without further ado, here are the Dragon’s Lair picks for the best new comics of the week for December 4.

Velvet #2

I’ve never heard of this title, but just from the cover there are many, many things I already love about it. The muscle cars? Sweet! The steely look on the main character’s face? Splendid. The total 70s vibe that oozes from every crevice? **Swoon**!

Then, I read the capsule and fell in love again (for the first time):

“On the run from her own agency, Velvet must find out what really got Agent X-14 killed, and the only way to do that is retrace his steps… and that’s a pathway of dead bodies, ruined lives, and angry mercenary soldiers. And along the way, one of Velvet’s darkest secrets is revealed.”

It’s like the comic I wrote in my dreams after a nightlong binge on Diabolik and Ben&Jerry’s.

Herobear and the Kid: The inheritance #5

I have loved “Herobear and the Kid” since its inception. I’m so glad it’s back. If you’ve never read it, it’s like a superhero version of “Calvin and Hobbes”. Based on that description, you’ll know whether this title is for you.

Like most comics, I have no idea what the current plotline is, but I’m certain it’s delightful and deserves your full attention, especially if the good staff of Dragon’s Lair put it on their top picks for the week. (By the way, Lair people – you used to have a stuffed, crocheted Herobear on the register at the 156 and Maple location. If it’s still laying around, it would make a great gift to your favorite comic book blogger. Just sayin’.)

Fairest #21

Newsflash… I’m old. How is it possible that a spin-off to the “Fables” series is already on issue #21? The cover is gorgeous, though, and the story seems interesting enough – if you’re a fan of the Fables universe.

Not tired yet of the abundance of TV shows and movies capitalizing on the public domain, er, I mean rich storytelling traditions of old timey fables? There’s still no one doing it better than the comic books.

Nightwing Trade Paperback #3

Dear Dick Grayson,

Your name is Robin. Face it. It might not be “cool”, “hip”, nor “with it”, but you have been and always will be Robin.


Casual Comics Guy

Mouse Guard Legends of the Guard V2

There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who believe that people can be divided into two kinds of people and those who don’t…

Also, there are those who love Mouse Guard and those who haven’t read it yet. And, if you’ve got a problem with that, take it up with Will Eisner. His ghost will lay down some two-fisted justice on you should you choose to ignore this title, which won the Eisner Award in 2011 for Best Anthology.

And this week, I’m going to go out on a limb with my own (non-Dragon’s Lair) Pick of the Week: 

Doctor Who Vol. 3 #16

I saw “The Day of the Doctor” with my girls on 11/25 in the theater – which is the minimum requirement for any geeky dad to prove his worth. They loved it. I loved it.

I’m still catching up on the TV show and have not yet gotten to the episodes with Clara as the Doctor’s companion. I don’t love her as much as Amy Pond yet (nor as much as Rose, but who will ever approach that level of tremendous). However, in tribute to how utterly Terrific and Fan-ta-stic The Day of the Doctor was, I’m going to buy all four issues in this story arc.

So Doctor Who Vol. 3 #16 earns the coveted title of CCG PICK OF THE WEEK! (If it’s no good, you can blame me – not the swell fellas at Dragon’s Lair).

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