Marvel/Netflix “Jessica Jones” – A Casual Comics perspective

Jessica Jones is the “x” factor  in the Marvel/Netflix deal.

No, not that X-Factor.

As the least recognizable name in the line-up announced by Marvel and Netflix, “Jessica Jones” has a lot of casual fans scratching their heads.

A series starring Jessica Jones has actually been in the works longer than the Daredevil, Iron Fist, or Luke Cage TV series. Way back in 2010, ABC was talking about a TV series called “AKA Jessica Jones”, but her show never got off the ground until now.

But just who is Jessica Jones?

Jessica Jones’ introduction came in the pages of “Alias” where she worked as a solo private investigator. A longtime friend of Carol Danvers (Ms. Marvel), Jones’ investigations often involved super heroes. In addition, as that series kicked off, she was the off-and-on “companion” of Luke Cage.

But they weren’t “going out”, if you know what she means…

In the series, a mysterious past involving her own super powers were often alluded to. Eventually, it was revealed that Jessica Jones had once operated as the super heroine “Jewel”, before abandoning that career sideline entirely.

In the comics, Jones and Luke Cage have a baby together and then, soon after, get married. Their relationship has been strained by many of the “big events” in Marvel continuity, most notably the Superhuman Registration Act.

But also by having a baby. That’s a strain, too.

So, you can see where Jessica is the most likely candidate to pull the other three series together into a cohesive story. Her work in the detective agency is a natural lead to a run-in with Iron Fist and Luke Cage – the Heroes for Hire. And, her eventual romantic involvement with Cage could bind the series even more closely.

Juggling a family and fighting an alien invasion are often not as hard as you would think.

What’s her origin?

It’s Marvel, so I’m going to guess radiation. Wait here for a minute while I check Marvelpedia….

Yup. It’s radiation. In high school, Jessica Jones was involved in a bad car accident that killed her parents.  The other vehicle was a military truck that was carrying radioactive materials. That tried-and-true Marvel formula (see the Daredevil entry): Teenager + Radiation = Super Powers

That’s a healthy head of hair for someone exposed to so much radiation. Just sayin’.

What are her powers?

She can fly. She’s superhumanly strong and somewhat invulnerable to normal damage.

Best story arc:

If you really want to know more about Jessica Jones and why her series is a terrific addition to the Marvel/Netflix lineup, check out Alias #1-9. The series chronicles her private detective work and the conspiracy that she uncovers while working on a case involving Captain America.

Bonus points for Matt Murdock showing up as her attorney.

One warning. The cover is not kidding with the “explicit content” warning. Not for kids.

Jessica is definitely going to be the glue that holds the Marvel/Netflix series together, so get to know her now.


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