The Day of the Doctor – Another Preview for the Doctor Who 50th

During the BBC’s annual “Children in Need” fundraiser, they premiered another two minute clip from “The Day of the Doctor”. Just when I thought it was not possible to get more jazzed for this special, we’ve got Ten and Eleven and Fezzes and GERONIMO! On with the clippy:

See you there (November 25 in Omaha, to be precise.)


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  1. ARGH!!!! Why hasnt anyone come up with a Tardis DVR that lets you watch shows from the future…at least 1 week in the future.

  2. You going to see it in the theater, Pete?

    • Unfortunately the closest theater to me showing is Los Angeles, and I’m sure those theaters are already sold out by now. I’ll have a DW viewing this weekend at the house with my “Who Crew”.

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