DC/Vertigo: Which is better “Preacher” or “Y:The Last Man”?

So, a debate broke out between me and a longtime friend. He called me out for my like of “Y: The Last Man”, whose praises I will sing out loud and proud in the comments. However, MF Bob is a bigger fan of “Preacher”, a series I will recap as follows:

  • I really liked it, until
  • It got kind of immature, until
  • It got really immature, until
  • It got unbearable immature, until
  • It got really interesting, until
  • It totally copped out…

“Y” isn’t perfect, but it kicks the rear of the “Preacher” series.

Intelligent commentary is welcome in the comments.

This started as a Facebook argument between Bob and me, so I hope you’ll all feel free to chime in. If you really like Preacher, you’ll have to count on Bob to have you back, though.


3 responses to “DC/Vertigo: Which is better “Preacher” or “Y:The Last Man”?”

  1. mfbob Avatar

    My series recap of Y: The Last Man…

    WTF is going on?
    Amazons? Really?
    How the hell can he stay that clean shaven?
    Okay, this is actually some pretty good storytelling.
    Well, so much for the storytelling…
    Wow, look at all the loose ends!

    More later…

  2. Casual Comics Guy Avatar

    So, it seems like we are agreeing that Preacher was super-immature in its philosophy and theology, but OK in the details of timeline.

    Whereas, Y was better in the way that it portrayed the struggle of people in this world – logically, emotionally, and spiritually. “Y: The Last Man” had a couple of speedbumps at the end, but not every series can be “V: for Vendetta:.

    So we agree on that – right?

  3. mfbob Avatar

    I agree to nothing. I haven’t even mentioned Preacher yet. You barely have either. The least you could do is explain why you think Preacher is so immature. That would be a good start.

    “Whereas, Y was better in the way that it portrayed the struggle of people in this world – logically, emotionally, and spiritually.”

    This makes no sense whatsoever. You can’t compare the two books like that, if that’s what you’re trying to do (you’re being really vague). Very different struggles, very different people, very different circumstances. Y is an end-of-the-world/survivors story while Preacher is, well, a western.

    Now as for the logical, emotional, and spiritual emphasis you add, I say baloney. Logical? Dude carried a monkey everywhere, which, for some reason, became a plot point. Emotional? Yeah, that monkey death scene had me weeping. Spiritual? Well, that one woman was holed up in a church. Sorry, Y doesn’t deal with any of these issues with any depth, which brings me to Y’s biggest problem…

    Y is shallow.

    I did enjoy the story. For the most part, it was a fun ride (was that whole Israeli subplot necessary?), but it didn’t present anything new. I didn’t get any great philosophical insight, or was I ever really challenged by the story. Not saying it was bad or dumb or lowbrow; it just wasn’t smart. It was, in many ways, very average (especially the artwork). Preacher wasn’t exactly a swim in the deep end and Ennis bit off more than he could chew, but at least Preacher tried. Y seemed to strive to be beige equivalent of a graphic novel.

    “…had a couple of speedbumps at the end”

    Yeah, like explaining how the hell an all-woman society functions and flourishes. Fascinatingly fertile ground for expository, but Y doesn’t really go into many details. Too bad,

    “,,,but not every series can be “V: for Vendetta”.”

    I would’ve said Transmetropolitan, but whatever…

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