Casual Comics Review: EPLIS – Segment One

EPLIS – Segment One

Story by: Emily and Jeremy Drouin

Art by: Emily Drouin

Whoa… So, this comic just came across my desk… finally (amirite, Emily?).

I’ve got a weakness for indie comics. That’s why I spend so much time in Artists’ Alley at Comic Con.  And, to be honest, I’m not sure how I discovered EPLIS – friend of a friend on Facebook, I think. But, boy, am I glad I came across this title.

Most of you know that I have a soft spot for family friendly action/sci-fi comics. That’s just where EPLIS sits. It’s a comic I can hand the kids without any worries at all.

My first thought when I opened the envelope was, “Wow! The art really pops off the page!” The bright lines and bold colors are super-fun.

I mean – just look at that! Bolder than the best BBQ from the heart of KC.

With nods to several sci-fi shows that kids may be familiar with, like “Doctor Who” and “Star Wars” the first issue of EPLIS is very easy to connect with for kids – and other casual comics readers. It’s not a mile deep, but it’s a welcome relief from comics (like “Collider” a.k.a. “FBP”) that bombard the reader with mythology and dialog-heavy panel after panel instead of getting to the good stuff – like an alien sidekick overcoming a scaly-headed bad guy using only its super-gross slobber.

The art looks like bold marker strokes, which is an awesome medium for comics, as far as I’m concerned. It gives the book a unique look. I’m not sure I’ve ever come across a comic with this particular style.

In all, EPLIS is a visual treat. I’m glad they jumped right into some action, but am eager to see where the story is going.

I almost forgot. You should totally check out the EPLIS home page for a preview of some of the story and a peek at the artwork. You’ll know right away if the title is for you.

–          CCG

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