Into the Void

Like I haven’t done enough self-promotion here. Sorry, folks. But, this is amazing.

I’m working with a super-talented artist here in Omaha on our first comic book, “Into the Void”.

They say “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Well, when I saw Jim’s character designs, millions of words and hundreds of stories sprang to mind. Check it out.

Some of the crew from “Into the Void”

I finished the first script a few weeks back, and Jim’s in the process of completing the artwork and pages. We started a blog to track the progress. You can check in on the character art, bios, and the ongoing saga of two Omaha comic fans in the process of creating their very first comic at



2 responses to “Into the Void”

  1. Marty Rocks Avatar

    Coupla movies and now a comic. Won’t be too long before you’re penning a few episodes of Dr Who mate!

  2. Casual Comics Guy Avatar

    That would be great. Until then, maybe just some Tenth Doctor fanfic if I ever have the time. I still need to recap that awesome Geek and Sundry party. That’d be a great setting to kick off an episode of “Doctor Who”.

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