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Hot Comics of the Week – Transition Edition (Week of 08/20)

Holy Cow, has it been a crazy month. I know even less about new comics today than I did two months ago, believe it or not. Aside from the sweet Kickstarter for Into the Void, my first comic book, I’m transitioning to a new city. Soon, you’ll be able to read about all the best comic shops in Ohio, right here on this very blog.

But, while I’m on the road and have a few minutes, I thought I’d look over the new comic list and see what’s interesting. Join me, will you, on this flight of fancy (and confusion) as I once again attempt to figure out what the heck is going on in comic book culture today.

Fables #143

Fables #143. By Bill Willingham, Mark Buckingham, Nimit Malavia. DC Comics.

Even if I don’t read a book anymore, sometimes I gotta give it a nod just based on longevity. Back when I was getting my MBA, I would do my homework at Border’s. Yes… this was a long time ago. And, yet, when I took a break from homework, I’d catch up on trade paperbacks of Fables. Border’s is a distant memory, but Fables soldiers on.

Infinite Crisis Fight For The Multiverse #2

Infinite Crisis Fight For The Multiverse #2. By: Dan Abnett, Tom Raney, Dan Panosian. DC Comics.

The most confusing title of the week goes to DC Comics. I’m not sure what to make of An infinitiely large crisis that is also a fight for the universe. How does something like that come about? And why is The Joker so fat?

This might also be the ugliest cover I’ve seen in recent memory. I’d say it was the ugliest comic art, but the recent issues of She-Hulk almost made me quit the title forever.

Seriously.. what is this?

 Apparently, this title is based on a recent video game. Because we all know how well the major publishers do translating video games to the page. 

Curse you Scott Adams! And not the Dilbert one. (Although come to think of it, I’m not that happy with him, either)

DC! You’re failing so hard with this title, you’re making me nostalgic for Questprobe. Please, stop monkeying around with new universes.

Multiversity #1

Multiversity #1. By: Grant Morrison, Ivan Reis. DC Comics.


I’m not even going to read the description. Please tell me you’re not trying for a gritty reboot of Captain Carrot. Seeing this cover makes me want to go back in time and prevent myself from ever reading a DC title. If you’re messing with Captain Carrot, you’ve totally lost your marbles.

I need to find a way to calm my nerves after seeing this one.

Oh, no. I accidentally just looked at the solicit for this one. I’m not copying a pasting it here. It’s a TRAIN WRECK. If you want to see it, go ahead. But what you see cannot ever be unseen!

I don’t think I can dislike the current state of comics any more than I do this week. If the industry so bereft of ideas that every title makes my inner comics geek die a little more?


Steampunk Battlestar Galactica 1880 #1 (of 4). By: Tony Lee, Aneke, Ardian Syaf. Dynamite Entertainment.

This makes every molecule of my heart sad. I could write a whole post of what’s wrong with this book. And I still might… But I’m shell-shocked by the awfulness of this week’s titles right now.

Since I started this blog, over a year ago, this week has made me more sad then ever about where comics are. Maybe that says something about me. Perhaps I need a professional guide, like the Dragon’s Lair crew, before I venture into the wild world of comics. 

I promise I’ll try harder next week. Until then, I suppose I should pick at least one GOOD comic of the week. And, appropos of this week, I’m picking this one:

Ms Marvel #1 (6th Printing)

Ms. Marvel #1. By: G. Willow Wilson, Adrian Alphona, Sara Pichelli. Marvel Comics.

In a weak week for comics, I’m going to just give a shout out to Ms. Marvel.

You know why this book is in its SIXTH printing? (I’m not going to get into the pricing dynamics and Marvel’s complex schema for maximizing profits). No. A sixth printing is still pretty rare. If you haven’t jumped on board with Ms. Marvel, you should. The success of this title just shows you how starved REAL comics fans are for something unique and different. The new Ms. Marvel is a revelation – calling back to the original uniqueness of Spider-man. Dealing with real teen issues in relatable ways, this is a book where you’ll care about the characters as much as the action. 

That’s why the SIXTH PRINTING of Ms. Marvel #1 is still the official Hot Comic Pick of the Week

I’m going to be doing these more regularly now that my schedule is settling down, and I’m getting used to the rarified air of Ohio. Let this be a warning to you comics. Step it up…






Hot New Comic Picks of the Week (July 9, 2014): Powered by Dragon’s Lair

Welcome back. As I said last week, it’s been light volume on the CCG blog as we’re preparing to launch our first comic book, Into the Void. In new news… the Facebook page for Into the Void is now up and almost ready to roll. Please take a minute to head over and Like the page to get updates. 
With that out of the way, it’s onto this week’s picks. Once again, courtesy of Dragon’s Lair in Omaha, this is your look at what the local comic book shop guys here like for the week.
(When I cut and pasted CJ’s list from his Facebook text message, this picture of CJ tagged along for the ride…)
Amazing X-Men #9

Amazing X-Men #9. By: Craig Kyle, Carlo Barberi, Ed McGuinness. Marvel Comics.

I actually think this series is pretty amazing. The first story arc was interesting, but I’m so far behind on my comics, that I haven’t picked up an issue since #5. I hope it’s still good. 
Let’s see what #9 is all about:
Part 2 of World War Wendigo!

The X-Men and members of Alpha Flight join battle to stop the growing tide of Wendigos from consuming everything and everyone in its path! 

Whoa. World War Wendigo? That sounds pretty cool. Looks like I need to grab issue #8 from the back issue stock and catch up.
Birds of Prey #33

Birds of Prey #33. By: Christy Marx, Robson Rocha, Jorge Molina. DC Comics.

I have no idea what’s going on in this title. Black Canary looks like she’s sporting a pretty wicked new costume. Apparently the other person on the cover is Amanda Waller, but that doesn’t look like any Amada Waller I’ve ever seen. Let me check…

Nope… Not even close.

Still. I’m intrigued and will probably give this one a long look.
New Suicide Squad #1

New Suicide Squad. By: Sean Ryan, Jeremy P. Roberts. DC Comics.

I guess with a name like “Suicide Squad”, you’d have to expect the lineup to turn over quite a lot – hence the “New” Suicide Squad. 
What’s it all about, I ask myself… 
The world has changed for Task Force X, a.k.a. the Suicide Squad. Director Amanda Waller no longer has the autonomy she once had. New members disrupt the team dynamic. And the team takes on an international scope.

New members Joker’s Daughter, Deathstroke and Black Manta join Harley Quinn and Deadshot for a mission in the most dangerous and unpredictable place in the world: Vladimir Putin’s Russia! 

What is it with Amanda Waller this month? She’s everywhere, apparently.And the “hot” Joker’s Daughter is really weirding me out.Still, if they shoehorn in Putin wrestling a bear, I’ll pick this one up, too.
Spider-Man 2099 #1

Spider-Man 2099 #1. By: Peter David, Will Sliney, Simone Bianchi. Marvel Comics.

You know how, sometimes the decades of continuity and minutae can overwhelm a casual comic book fan? The solicit for this one makes me feel like I’m drowning:
ALL-NEW SERIES FROM THE PAGES OF AMAZING SPIDER-MAN! The book you have been demanding for months finally hits the stands!

Miguel O’Hara is Spider-Man in the year 2099 but he’s currently stuck in the year 2014. He was stranded here by his father who is the head of an evil corporation called Alchemax in 2099.

But in 2014, Alechmax has just been formed and Miguel has a chance to stop its corruption before it starts! You’d think being a man out of time would make you a man without enemies, but Spider-Man 2099 is about to discover that he’s not the only one hoping for a better tomorrow, one that might be ensured by The Adjustor eliminating Miguel from the time stream altogether!

Join comics legend (and Spider-Man 2099 creator) Peter David and breakthrough artist Will Sliney (Superior Spider-Man Team-up) for the most adventure you’ll find in a book this side of the twenty second century! 

Aaaaaand, I’m already lost. Luckily, the art looks good…
Death Vigil #1

Death Vigil #1. By: Stjepan Sejic. Image Comics.

It’s the week of #1 issues. Fortunately, this is a limited series – no continuity to worry about here. Plus, the title sounds like a sweet metal band. Image has a pretty god track record lately, so let’s read more about it, shall we?
Forty pages of story and art in this contemporary fantasy adventure series written and painted by STJEPAN SEJIC. Gifted? Join the Death Vigil in their ongoing war against the ever-growing power of the Primordial Enemy!

The only catch is you have to die first. Become a corporeal immortal Death Knight and obtain reality-altering weaponry in the never-ending battle between good and evil.

You know what? It’s a new limited series from Image. In a slow week, that’s enough for Death Vigil #1 to win the crown for the Casual Comics Official Hot Comic Book of the Week.

Thanks again, everyone. And remember to support your local comic book shop.


Hot New Comic Picks of the Week (July 2, 2014): Powered by Dragon’s Lair

July brings the dead heat of Summer, combined with loud explosions overhead that keep me from falling asleep at a reasonable hour. So, running on no sleep – with my ADHD at an all time high – let’s see what the folks at Dragon’s Lair recommend for those long tired evenings.

Also, the new WordPress interface is giving me fits, so forgive me for the sloppy layout on this post. Once I figure out where everything on the old toolbar went, it’ll be back to business as usual.

On a side note, I know my updates have been more infrequent lately, but that’s because there’s some big news coming. Into the Void, issue #1 is almost ready for prime time. Stay tuned for details.

Black Widow #8

Come on, now. Am I supposed to celebrate the birth of our nation with a story about a Russian spy? Read the rest of this entry

Hot Comics of the Week (Courtesy Dragon’s Lair): Week of June 18, 2014

The doldrums of early summer are officially setting in. It’s time to venture out to the local comic shop (virtually) to check out the new comics (virtually) and see what’s hot. Although, with the humidity kicking it up a notch, maybe we can find something cool instead.

Let’s see what CJ, Craig, and the Lair crew recommend this week.

I’ll start with what’s NOT on their list.

Original Sin #4

Original Sin #4. By: Jason Aaron, Mike Deodato, Julian Totino Tedesco. Marvel Comics


I’m pretty psyched about this series, but I’ve only read the first two issues. I hope that it’s not petering out. Some Marvel events sustain the momentum all the way through (Civil War) or peter out and die a slow death (World War Hulk). Here’s hoping Original Sin is in the former category.

Guaranteed that The Watcher doesn’t stay dead, but it’s been fun so far anyway.

What IS on the list?

Uncanny X-Men #22

Uncanny X-Men #22. By: Brian Michael Bendis, Chris Bachalo. Marvel Comics.

I feel like I just wrote about the Uncanny X-Men last week. Maybe I’m losing it with all these titles. Take a look and let me know, will you?

I have to say, I like Cyclops’ new mask, but I have a feeling it’s going to get old, quick. It just seems impractical. (Not like the normal ruby-quartz visor with a trigger implanted in the thumb of his glove, as I recall from the Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe).

That one… right there.


Velvet TPB Vol. 01 Before The Living End

Velvet TPB Vol. 01 Before The Living End. By: Ed Brubaker, Steve Epting. Image Comics.

Now I know I’ve written about this one before. And, already here’s a trade paperback. Boy, time flies… Super fun art, and Ed Brubaker can usually deliver a potboiler like no one’s business. If you liked the last Captain America movie, you’re already a Brubaker fan, even if you don’t know it.


Winterworld #1

Winterworld #1. By: Chuck Dixon, Butch Guice. IDW Publishing.

What the heck is this? That guy looks like Kurt Russel from The Thing. I could only hope this book is that sweet. Let’s learn a little more about this one:

Winter is coming early! All new stories based on the Chuck Dixon/Jorge Zaffino classic! The apocalyptic international comics sensation of an Earth turned to an icy hell is back with Dixon returning to script and Butch Guice doing some of the best work of his illustrious artistic career as they take on the bleak and frozen future. Follow Scully and Wynn from their icy home of Wintersea into a killing wasteland where the coldest place is the human heart.

Well, I can’t say that I’m in favor of a bleak and frozen future. Why is it so cold? Were all the scientists really that wrong about global warming? Out of all apocalyptical futures (robotic, giant insect, volcanic, nuclear, zombie, etc…), I think “ice age” is way down on my list.

Still, if the Lair guys like it, it’s probably worth a peek.

Star Trek City on the Edge Of Forever #1 (of 5)

Star Trek City on the Edge Of Forever #1. By: Harlan Ellison, J. K. Woodward, Juan Ortiz. IDW Publishing.

Now this one, I gotta see. Like any teenage boy/nerd worth his salt, I loved Ellison’s short stories when I was “of a certain age”. That cover art, in the words of a certain Doctor is “Fantastic”! I can’t explain the nerd appeal of this book any better than the solicit:

For the first time ever, a visual presentation of the much-discussed, unrevised, unadulterated version of Harlan Ellison’s award-winning Star Trek teleplay script, ‘The City on the Edge of Forever!’ This Hugo- and Writer’s Guild of America Award-winning teleplay has been much discussed for decades but only here can you see the story as Mr. Ellison originally intended! 

C’mon, now. Mr. Ellison? Really? When did we get so formal?

That said, this book is a must have. That’s why Star Trek City on the Edge Of Forever #1 is the official Casual Comics Hot Pick of the Week

Thank you again to the crew at Dragon’s Lair for all the help. You guys are the best.

Support your local comics shop, people. Cheers!


PS – Alex + Ada #7 is also out this week. That’s the best comic out right now, but I gotta mix in some other titles, otherwise where’s the suspense in these lists?

Alex + Ada. Read it. Post-haste…


Dragon’s Lair’s Picks: Hot Comics of the Week (June 11, 2014)

After a bit of a hiatus, our friends at Dragon’s Lair are back and better than ever with their comic book recommendations for this week.

For those of you who don’t know, Dragon’s Lair – a staple of the Omaha comic book community – had a fire some time back. They’re moved into their new location on 90th and Blondo, which is spectacular. If you haven’t yet, you should check it out.

And while you’re there, be sure to check out the following comics, recommended by CJ and Craig:

Walking Dead #128

Walking Dead #128. By: Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard. Image Comics.

Man. This book just keeps going. I’m glad to see Kirkman’s still pushing the story along, but I also haven’t read an issue in over four years. Let’s see what’s going on this month. Let’s see. The solicit says:

“After all this time, she should be more prepared. “ Read the rest of this entry

Casual Comic Guy Picks: Hot Comic Books of the Week (May 21, 2014)

Ahhh… we’re finally closing in on Summer. As the temperature heats up, so do the new comic titles.

Well, not really, but it sounded good when I said it earlier. But, speaking of “heating up”, here are the Hot New Comics for the week of May 21, 2014. (Picks are possibly influenced by the delerium setting in from my recent sunburn)

Non Sport Update Vol. 25 #3


I have no idea what this is, but it reminds me of “Dynamite” magazine. Read the rest of this entry

Casual Comic Guy Picks: Hot Comic Books of the Week (April 30, 2014)

It’s a big week this week – a special week. It’s a week so big, the title of “Hot Pick of the Week” went a little haywire.

That’s right, Saturday May 3 is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. Be sure to visit your friendly local comic book shop on Saturday for all the festivities (and to grab some free books, too). I’ll have a preview of the free titles later this week, but to start your double dip of comic goodness, here are the top picks for the hot new comic books of the week.


Amazing Spider-Man #1

Amazing Spider-Man #1. By: Dan Slott, Humberto Ramos. Marvel Comics.

It seems almost mandatory that Amazing Spider-Man #1 make the list this week. Read the rest of this entry

Casual Comic Guy Picks: Hot Comic Books of the Week (April 23, 2014)

Another week closer to summer. Another week closer to the NFL football draft. How to kill the time? Why with comic books, obviously! So what hot new comics should you be looking for this week? Don’t ask me, I’m just a casual comics guy.

But if you don’t read comics very often and need something to kill some time and (maybe) help you get back into comics, maybe you want to look at one of these… Because this week, in the immortal words of Devo, I’ve got something for everybody.


Duffman Adventures #1

Duffman Adventures #1. By: Matt Groening, Mike Rote. Bongo Comics.

To be honest, I’ve never read a Simpsons title in my life. Not even the obvious, “Radioactive Man” series. Read the rest of this entry

Casual Comic Guy Picks: Hot Comic Books of the Week (April 16, 2014)

Hopefully, the Tax Man was kind to you this year, friends. Because it’s new comic time again, and last week was so full of goodness I don’t know how to pay for this week’s comics myself.

Let’s see how many must-have comic book titles are popping up this week.

Hulk #1

Hulk #1. By: Mark Waid, Mark Bagley, Jerome Opena. Marvel Comics.

I was literally, just today, lamenting that we haven’t seen Hulk onscreen since The Avengers and won’t see him again until Avengers 2: Age of UltronRead the rest of this entry

Casual Comic Guy Picks: Hot Comic Books of the Week (April 9, 2014)

Wow. What a great week for comics. If I bought all the hot picks for this week, it would take me three weeks to read them all. But, I think they’re all worth checking out (or at least skimming). Too many comics – not enough time… Straight into the previews.

I hope you saved up your nickels. folks, ’cause there’s a lot this week.

Astro City #11

Astro City #11. By: Kurt Busiek, Brent Eric Anderson, Alex Ross. DC Comics.

Astro City is a comic I remember fondly. Read the rest of this entry