For months, James Gunn has been quotes as saying that there’s a Guardians of the Galaxy easter egg that no one has yet found. Check out the following headlines:

James Gunn: No One Found That ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Easter Egg |

James Gunn Says No One Found That ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Easter Egg and He’ll Never Reveal What It Is

And, when asked about if/when it would be revealed, Gunn said that he hopes no one ever uncovers it. 

But, those stories aren’t 100% accurate. The super-secret Guardians easter egg was revealed long ago – Gunn just hasn’t acknowledged it yet.

What is the easter egg in the Guardians of the Galaxy that no one is talking about? Check out this still right here.


Not too long after the still appeared online, there was speculation that this being trapped by The Collector (over there, on the right – the one in orange) was Beta Ray Bill. Gunn quickly debunked that theory, but he strangely didn’t divulge who this mysterious being was. Marvel fans who scoured every nook and cranny of scenes in The Collector’s trophy gallery never followed up on this lead.

So who is this mystery character?

When I first saw Guardians in the theater, I instantly identifed this creature. Maybe it’s because I was more aware of James Gunn’s work prior to becoming a director of studio films, but the lumpy head, misshapen ears set far back on the head, bulging biceps and triceps, and what looks to be busted mop in his containment unit triggered memories of this guy right here.


That’s right – I’m repeating my initial assertion. The biggest easter egg that no one is talking about is that The Toxic Avenger has a cameo in a Marvel movie. I tweeted this out a long while back but, no surprise, it wasn’t acknowledged. Now, I’m going to lay out a couple of things that support my case and hopefully, one way or another, we can get James Gunn to affirm or deny the claim.

James Gunn’s connection to The Toxic Avenger

Do you know where James Gunn cut his teeth as a film maker? At Troma Studios.

His first writing credit is the infamous “Tromeo and Juliet”. In a nod to Troma films, Gunn even cast Lloyd Kaufman (founder of Troma) in a Guardians cameo.

Lloyd Kaufman
That guy – the one on the far left? Lloyd Kaufmann – founder of Troma.

If you’re not familiar with the ultra-low budget film studio, you’re not alone. You just need to know that their breakout character was (yes) The Toxic Avenger.

Since we’re talking about them, here’s Lloyd and Toxie.

This misshapen mutant, has a knobby head and tiny ears. Looking at a screen cap from the original Toxic Avenger films, you can see the resemblance.


It’s not an exact match, but when you look at the Marvel films, all the characters have been updated for the big-budget films. It’s not that big a leap to think that Toxie’s costume/make-up is much more realistic in his cameo in Guardians.

Are you seeing it yet?

Also, The Toxic Avenger’s weapon of choice was a simple janitorial mop.


Look at that screencap again. Is that a mop in the encasement with the Toxic Avenger? It sure looks like it.


The Toxic Avenger’s Connection to Marvel

This one should be easy. It starts with his name – The Toxic “Avenger”… tying into the Avengers? It ends with this:


Yes. Marvel used to publish a Toxic Avenger comic series in the 90s. (Maybe I should have started with that…). And, lest you think that’s a bad photoshop…

Marvel – 50 years of Captain America and six issues of The Toxic Avenger. Time to celebrate!

So, add it all up. Gunn got his start with Troma. He still has tight connections there. Add in Marvel’s previous connection to the character, and there you have it. The easter egg that’s been hiding in plain sight ever since the movie’s debut.

Now, if only someone with more pull than me can get James Gunn to confirm it, we’ll all be able to stop hearing about the “easter egg” from Guardians of the Galaxy that no one has spotted yet.

So who else knows?

Responding to a tweet on the topic, Gunn claims that only he and three other people know the secret Easter egg.

So who are these guys? Well, @blackehart is Stephen Blackehart (go ahead… look it up).

One of Blackehart’s first roles on-screen? “Benny Que” in the movie Tromeo and Juliet. Produced by Troma Studios and written by, yes (say it with me), James Gunn.

I rest my case.


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