Rocket Raccoon #1 (Marvel)

Thoughts on the most talked about title of the week by a reviewer I respect. Does he dig the new Rocket Raccoon? Check out the review to find out.

ComicSpectrum Comic Reviews

CREDIT: Marvel Comics

Rating: 5/5 – Rip-Roaring, Rollicking, Space Adventure Fun.
by guest reviewer Kevyn Knox.

The character of Rocket Raccoon, who according to Rocket himself is not actually a raccoon, was created back in the Summer of 1975, by writer Bill Mantlo and artist Keith Giffen. Throughout the next few decades, besides a 1985 four issue limited series drawn by Mike Mignola, Rocket had pretty much fallen into obscurity, only making the occasional appearance here and there. Then came Marvel’s Annihilation crossover in 2007, and the ensuing Guardians of the Galaxy reboot, and suddenly Rocket was a rock star. And now, as one of the stars of Marvel Now’s Guardians of the Galaxy book, as well as becoming a movie star later this Summer (through the courtesy of CGI and the voice of Bradley Cooper), Rocket finds himself in a brand new issue number one.

Rocket Raccoon #1, written…

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