Marvel’s Madness infects Hasbro with “Super Hero Mashers” Toys

Hey, comics fans. Ever wanted an action figure that looked just like Hulk, but with Hawkeye’s head and Spider Man’s hands?

Neither has anyone I’ve ever met (or want to meet). That hasn’t stopped Hasbro from releasing what is, literally, the most puzzling toy release of 2014 (so far) – Super Hero Mashups.

There’s a pretty good write up over at Comics Alliance with all the details, except one. Who would actually want these figures/toys?

I mean, just look at how awful the mashed up heroes in the Super Hero Mashers toy line look on the box art. Because they’re going to look even worse in your home.

Hasbro and Marvel present Super Hero Mashers
Super Hero Mashers. To recreate that scene in the comic where The Hulk wears Spider Man’s mask and Captain America’s shirt, I guess?

I haven’t covered a lot of toys on this blog, so I can’t tell you where it ranks, weirdness-wise, against last year’s toys. But, this one really took me by surprise.

They’ve got photos of all the rest of the figures in the line over at Comics Alliance. I can’t tell from the review whether they were:

a. In a hurry

b. Being sarcastic

c. In receipt of a bunch of free toys

Because their write-up seems, well, nonplussed over the whole line of toys.


One response to “Marvel’s Madness infects Hasbro with “Super Hero Mashers” Toys”

  1. Jesse Avatar

    I kind of like the big, chunky look of these figures. I wouldn’t want to swap Cap and Spidey’s heads at any time, but on their own these could be alright. I wish they’d make extra limbs for each character, like a battle damage arm or some such.

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