SDCC Swag: The Giveaway #1

I got a bunch of swag from San Diego Comic Con this year. I can’t keep it all. If anyone wants the stuff I’m going to start listing, here’s all you need to do.

Make sure you’re a “follower” of this blog. Reply in the comments to the post. It’s that simple.

Please, only use for intended purpose. CCG cannot be held liable for David Carradine-like tragedies.

I’ll pick one commenter, at random, and I’ll send you the beautiful swag listed.

#1 – The official “Dexter” lanyard from SDCC. This would look great with any work ID. It might also serve to warn your co-workers to steer clear of irritating you, lest you have latent homicidal tendencies.

If you want this, just be sure you’re following the blog and post a comment in reply to this post answering the question, “Why DO fools fall in love?”

I’ll pick a winner, at random, on Friday at noon (central time), and e-mail you to coordinate delivery of your swag.



3 responses to “SDCC Swag: The Giveaway #1”

  1. JR Fielding Avatar

    I am the world’s biggest Dexter fan. Seriously. I would do a Dexter murder for this.

    1. Joe Benkis Avatar

      Please no Dexter type rituals to get the lanyard… I don’t need that much press. 🙂

  2. Kendra Perkins Burgess Avatar

    I love Dexter but I truly want this for the potential fear factor it will put in the hearts of my co-workers and they will leave me alone to work in an introvert’s paradise! I won’t have to wear my “I’ll punch a bitch in the throat” t-shirt to work as much.

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