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Awesome Comic-Related Release of the Week – Spider Gwen / Vinyl Single

OK – So, I have to admit, I haven’t read any of the Spider-Verse titles yet. I have called my (new) local comic book shop, Laughing Ogre in Columbus, OH, and asked them to pull the series for me.

Based on the love I’m hearing for the new character, Spider-Gwen, it seems like I’m getting into the title just in the nick of time.

spider gwen

For the release of the first issue of her solo title, Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find – a comic shop in Charlotte, NC – is having a release party that features the band “Married with Sea Monsters“. They’ll have a new 7” single with some rocking cover art. And, the single is white vinyl with a Spidey-themed label.



Anyone in North Carolina able to go snag me a copy?

More details are here.

And you can listen to the song right here:

Bring the hype…  I’m extremely excited to catch up on the Spider-verse now.