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Casual Comic Guy Picks: Hot Comic Books of the Week (March 26, 2014)

Ahhhh…. New Comic Book Day. Here we are again. You… me… some soft music.

You didn’t have to get all dressed up for me. Let’s dim the lights and just enjoy each other’s company for a bit.

Uber TPB #1

Uber TPB #1. By: Kieron Gillen, Canaan White. Avatar Press

I don’t know much about this particular title other than the following:

  • It sounds like a pretty cool alternate history book.
  • I really love Doctor Who and Amelia Pond was one of my favorite companions.

I can’t believe she’s writing comics now.

Here’s the solicit:

The first collection of KIERON GILLEN’s breakout hit reinvention of the alternative history genre is finally here! April 24, 1945, the world holds its breath as the war is only days away from ending. Russian troops move through Germany to the final objective… Hitler himself. As those around the mad dictator crumble, the much ridiculed threats of the ‘Wunderwafen’ finally materialize. A new weapon is delivered, one with unstoppable power – a weapon like no other and with a madman pulling the trigger. The Ubers change the direction of World War II providing a dark and uncompromising alternative history in a way that you’ve never seen. Kieron Gillen and Caanan White deliver one of the best new series of 2013 collected in a 176 page trade paperback. Uber Vol 1 collects issues #0 – 5 the startling first chapter of this new horror series that reimagines the super soldier in a stark new bloody vision.

Wait… So this isn’t Karen Gillen? Never mind… Here’s a picture of her anyway:


Elfquest: The Final Quest #2

Elfquest: The Final Quest #2. By: Wendy Pini, Richard Pini. Dark Horse

Let me just say that it does my heart good to know that they’re still publishing Elfquest. Good for you Team Pini! I might have to pick up #1 and #2 and power read them this weekend.

Vandroid #2

Vandroid #2. By: Tommy Lee Edwards, Noah Smith, Dan McDaid, Melissa Edwards. Dark Horse

Issue #1 was good, but not great. The potential was there, though, for this to be a breakout series. Let’s see what #2 has in store for us.

Vandroid ramps up in this no-holds-barred second issue! The Van Man is off the chain, but when he runs afoul of his creator’s loose ends-including his estranged wife and an old criminal acquaintance-he finds out that being human is more complicated than his programming indicated!

Imagine a newly discovered 80s movie starring Brian Bosworth, and you’re on the right track.


Sandman Overture #2 (of 6)

Sandman Overture #2. By: Neil Gaiman, J. H. Williams. DC Comics, Vertigo

Neil Gaiman is writing new Sandman comics. Either that means something to you, or you and I need to have a serious talk. It’s been forever-and-a-day since the first issue, so I get it if you’re waiting for the trade.

Garth Ennis Red Team TPB Vol. 01 Season One

Garth Ennis Red Team TPB Vol. 01 Season One. By: Garth Ennis, Craig Cermak, Ryan Sook. Dynamite Entertainment.

So, I’m having tons of fun with Garth Ennis’ Rover Red Charlie series. His Preacher got a little wobbly after a great start, if you ask me. And, The Boys went utterly insane in a way that starts with “bat” and ends in a word I can’t say since my daughters may read this blog.

I just found out about this series when the last single issue came out. But, I’m ready to dive into this one head-first. There’s no safety net with Ennis, so readers beware.

For this week, I’m all in on Garth. That’s the kind of week I’m having. And, that’s why the trade paperback, Red Team Vol. 01, is my official Casual Comics Guy Hot Pick of the Week.


Well, hello, there… This is a first. Just as I was closing the door for the night, someone else showed up to the party. And who could it be?

Alex + Ada #5

Alex + Ada #5 By: Jonathan Luna, Sara Vaughn. Image Comics

This is by far my comic crush of the year. And look at this solict:

Ada will never be the same again. 


I am not joking. This title has made me fall in love with comics all over again. I would give up movies. I would give up TV…. If all comics were this good, I’d give it all back.

Alex + Ada is now officially the pick of the week for every week it comes out until further notice.

– FIN! –



Casual Comic Guy Picks: Hot Comic Books of the Week (March 12, 2014)

Hello fellow comic fans. The big news this week is the opening of general registration for San Diego Comic Con. If you’re like me (and I know I am), you’ll be online waiting for the registration to open for about four hours on the coming Saturday.

Aside from listening to the awesome live video feed from SDCC Blog for constant updates on whether or not you’ll actually be able to get tickets, you might need some comic books to keep you company. Here’s what I’ll be reading. Join me, won’t you?

Ghost #2

Ghost #2. By: Kelly Sue DeConnick, Chris Sebela, Ryan Sook. Dark Horse

Here’s one that I’m checking out based on… well, I’m not sure exactly. I’ve been hearing a ton of good things about Kelly Sue DeConnick from all different sources. Her name has cropped up at least a dozen times over the last month, but I’ve never read any of her work. So, when I came across Ghost #2, I figured this is the title where I’ll put the rumors of her brilliance to the test.

Garth Ennis Red Team #7

Garth Ennis Red Team. By: Garth Ennis, Craig Cermak, Howard Chaykin. Dynamite Entertainment.

I’ve been having a ton of fun with Rover Red Charlie, and here’s another Garth Ennis title that I ran across. As I’ve previously documented, Ennis can go off the rails in spectacularly horrifying ways. However, there’s an adrenaline rush that comes with not knowing when the next stomach-turning moment is coming.


X-Files Conspiracy Crow #1

X-Files Conspiracy Crow #1. By: Denton J. Tipton, Vic Malhotra, Miran Kim. IDW Publishing

Aaaaand, regardless of what I just said about not being a fan of TV adaptations, how can you resist the premise of this book. The Lone Gunmen from the X-Files series investigating The Crow. Maybe they can track down the truth behind this supernatural force and how/why it forces teens to be so gloomy all the time.

Avengers TPB Vol. 02 Absolute Vision

This one’s just for me.

I love the Vision. Even more when he’s with the Scarlet Witch. And here’s what dirty deeds he was up to when most of the Marvel heroes were called away to the Secret War. 80s Vision = cheesy sci-fi/adventure. Irresistable (unless you already have the individual issues in a longbox somewhere). Enjoy the goodness that is…

The Vision takes command! As many of Earth’s Mightiest are whisked away to fight in the Secret Wars, the newly assertive synthezoid seizes the chair. He has changes in store when the heroes return, not least his idea for a new team of Avengers on the West Coast. But there are Dire Wraiths and demons to deal with back East, not to mention an army of Hulks and Thanos’ monstrous minions the Blood Brothers! Hercules and Black Knight return to the fold, while Starfox discovers an uncanny connection to the Eternals just in time to face the menace of Maelstrom. But as Vision’s true plan unfolds, are even two teams of Avengers enough to handle one of their own? Collecting AVENGERS (1963) #242-254 and ANNUAL #13. 

Secret Avengers #1

Secret Avengers #1. By: Ales Kot, Michael Walsh, Tradd Moore. Marvel Comics

I’ve been sucked in too many times with Avengers titles over the last year. But I’ll be first in line for Secret Avengers… just in case. So who’s in the Secret Avengers now? Looks like Fury, Hawkeye, the Black Widow, Spider Woman. Could be a cool espionage tale. Is that M.O.D.O.K. back there with Coulson? What’s that all about? Guess we’ll all find out together on New Comic Book Day.

Fantastic Four #2

Fantastic Four #2. By: James Robinson, Leonard Kirk. Marvel Comics

Fantastic Four #1 was one of the best titles I’ve read from Marvel in a loooooong time. I’m looking forward to seeing if they can keep up the energy, wonder, and awe that the first issue delivered. This is the first Fantastic Four title that reminds me of the comic I grew up with.

There’s only one thing standing in the way of the FF being my hot pick of the week, and that’s…

Six Million Dollar Man Season 6 #1

I’m not a huge fan of properties moving from TV to the comics, but I’ll give Steve Austin a shot. Vandroid was a blast from the past, so I’m in the mood to see if they capture the essence of the 70s with this new comic series based off one of my favorite shows from my youth.

They’re off to a good start by putting Maskatron on the cover. Remember him?

Sounds like he’s going to be an integral part of this story. Check out the description:

For The Six Millions Dollar Man’s 40th anniversary comes the direct continuation of the classic television series with Season 6! Better. Stronger. Faster. The original Six Million Dollar Man, Steve Austin was a man barely alive until the OSI turned him into the world’s first Bionic Man. Now he and Oscar Goldman are the most effective team in National Security. But a rogue faction in the OSI is making a power play for that position with a new type of infiltration agent – one that is completely obedient and robotic. Can a soulless machine that wears Steve Austin’s very face make the Six Million Dollar Man obsolete? For the 1st Time EVER! Fan favorite toy-line character Maskatron makes his Six Million Dollar Man debut and becomes a part of the classic television series mythology with a violent and terrifying purpose. And as Steve’s world is threatened from within, his very actions unknowingly release an alien menace upon an unsuspecting world…

This cheese-tastic description drove The Six Million Dollar Man Season 6 #1 to the top of my must-buy list for the week. So, Steve Austin, Oscar Goldman, and the OSI team are the stars of the official Casual Comics Hot Pick of the Week.

Until next time, remember to support your local comic book shop.