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Official 2014 Casual Comic Book Gift Giving Guide – Hot Gifts for Comic Book Fans this Christmas (Part 1)

Last year, I offered up my list of the hottest gifts for comic book fans, sci-fi geeks, and just all around nerdy folk. You know… my people.

This year, I’ve enlisted a little help from my friends. I’ll also be adding in my own two cents. But, it’s less than two weeks until Christmas, so let’s get this party started.

From Lindsay Jane – Geek girl extraordinaire

In Real Life by Cory Doctorow


“Not only is it well-written and incredibly well-drawn, it’s message is timely, considering what the video game industry has gone through in the last half of the year.” -Lindsay

Preview available at





“It contains true stories and journalism pieces drawn and illustrated by a variety of comic artists. You can get back issues and art prints on their site for a reasonable price.” -Lindsay

I’ve never heard of it, but it looks cool. Appears to be available only on iOS devices for now.

Here’s a description from their web site:

Symbolia merges thrilling true stories with amazing illustration and comics. We’ve been hailed as one of the top reasons to switch to digital comics by io9 and FastCo named Symbolia one of 2012′s best digital comics.

Every other month, we publish a themed issue containing 3 – 5 lively stories from around the world. Each issue includes sound, links, animations, interactive charts and more.

Build Your Own European-Style Charm Bracelet and Charm


Not technically a comic or pop-culture gift, I’ll let it go because Lindsay has about the best fashion sense of anyone I know. Plus, it’s on ThinkGeek, so it’s at least nerd-adjacent. There do appear to be some pop-culture charms available on the order page.

“And every geek girl I know is pining after one or more of these” – Lindsay

From Jeff Shields – Retro Toy Nut and DC Comics Apologist

Retro Mego Action Figures


There’s a metric ton of these things now available all over the web. Jeff sent me a link to Figures Toy Company, which he says has the best collection. I’ll be the judge of that…


Well, they’ve got Speedy and Kid Flash, so I guess I’ll concede the point to Jeff.

“I’ve been collecting since they started the retro MEGOs last year.  I keep them MOC, so I can’t vouch for playability, but the reproductions are nearly note-perfect, and their originals look great, too.” – Jeff

Captain America (1979) / Captain America II: Death Too Soon (1979)


Wow… I didn’t even know this existed on DVD, but Amazon has it for less than $9.

“Return to those thrilling days of yesteryear before Marvel had a clue about what they were doing.” – Jeff

Legends Of The Super Heroes

Here’s another great addition to your DVD collection. You can finally get rid of that terrible bootleg VHS you’ve got on your shelf. (Or maybe that’s just me.)

“Return to those thrilling days of yesteryear before DC had a clue about copying what Marvel was doing.” – Jeff

As for me? I’m going to go ahead and post my #1 Hot Gift for Comic Fans here, just in case I don’t get around to the planned part 2 of this series.

Dancing Groot

If you’ve seen Guardian’s of the Galaxy, you know what I’m talking about here.

If you haven’t, well add the Guardians of the Galaxy Blu Ray to your list, too.

Thanks for checking in. Happy Holidays! And thanks again to my guest contributors, Lindsay and Jeff.



Hot Comic Preview of the Week (December 17, 2014)

You might be asking why I’m previewing a comic so far in advance. But then, you’ll feast your eyes on the below image, and you’ll completely get it.


Sooo dreamy….


This gorgeous image popped up online and I was completely blown away. Just the cover image makes me want to pick up the back issues of the Tenth Doctor comic series. But wait, there’s more…


With the Doctor half the man he should be, under the draining influence of an alien tourist trap, Gabriella is left to shoulder the burden of saving him, the planet, and the future of art in our galaxy – and all on her first off-world trip, no less!

Trapped in a terrifying creative retreat, where what was once beautiful has been rendered corrupt and horrifying, is Gabby strong enough to reverse whatever has been done to the Doctor and save an intergalactic artistic community from itself? You’d better hope so!

And who, or what, are the deadly Consultants… and what plans do they have for the Doctor?!

Who is Gabby? Well, she’s obviously a companion for the Tenth Doctor we’ve not met on the TV series. I’m so jazzed for this issue, I just had to interrupt my regular, irregular, comic picks to pre-emptively name The Tenth Doctor #5 as the Official Hot Comic Pick of the Week two weeks in advance of its release.