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Into the Void Preview Complete

OK – Now that the “Into the Void” business is done, I should be back to regular updates soon. Until then, you can see the fruits of our labors at the Into the Void blog. The first five pages are up and online for your viewing pleasure at:

Into the Void – Page 2

Just updated the “Into the Void” blog with the second page. If you want to track the progress of the comic, please follow the ITV blog, too.


Into the Void – Comic Preview

For those of you who don’t know, I’m actually working on my very first comic book – “Into the Void”.

Jim Mehsling, a local artist, is doing all the visuals (pencils, inking, lettering, and about a million things I’m sure I”m forgetting). We just posted the roughs of the first page to give you an idea of the look and tone of the book. Character designs, history, and so much more is all on our other blog.

Like this character. You’ll have to go to the Into the Void blog to get his story.

Take a look and let us know if you’ve got any comments. I’ll post back here when we’re finished posting the full “sneak preview” of the first five pages.



Casual Comics Review: EPLIS – Segment One

EPLIS – Segment One

Story by: Emily and Jeremy Drouin

Art by: Emily Drouin

Whoa… So, this comic just came across my desk… finally (amirite, Emily?).

I’ve got a weakness for indie comics. That’s why I spend so much time in Artists’ Alley at Comic Con.  And, to be honest, I’m not sure how I discovered EPLIS – friend of a friend on Facebook, I think. But, boy, am I glad I came across this title. Read the rest of this entry

Casual Comics Review: Batman ’66

How’s a casual comics fan supposed to get into a Batman title nowadays? Last I heard, “Batman” is some kind of multi-national conglomeration. Maybe “Batman ‘66” can deliver that same Bat-action of the TV show without the weight of the continuity and mythology that drowns casual comic readers. Read the rest of this entry

Casual Comics Review: “KISS Kids”

Wow. Just, wow… When I got a note on Facebook from CJ, longtime friend of the CCG, about the premiere of a “KISS Kids” comic, I just had to check it out. The cover alone was oddly alluring. I say “oddly” because I’ve never been a big fan of the band, KISS. Read the rest of this entry

SDCC Recap: Friday Night

Warning, this recap contains less than 10% actual comic book-related content! Friday night was when things got a little wobbly. Time started folding in on itself. You’ll recall that Friday morning began for me at 4:00 am, getting into line for Hall H and “The World’s End” panel. (Quick aside, if you haven’t seen “The World’s End”, stop reading and go now. If you have, finish reading this and then go see it again.) Read the rest of this entry

SDCC Artists: Albert Morales

On we go with more cool artists I met at SDCC. I asked Albert if he would do an original piece of the Vision and Scarlet Witch. These are two of my favorite characters, as I have mentioned over and over. Read the rest of this entry